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Blockhive: The Best Partnering Business

Blockhive is a collaborative company that aims to make the business more interactive. It works on blockchain technology to aim at building an innovative and sustainable ecosystem which would make the business find new avenues among social circles. The clients at Blockhive create partnership opportunities and unlocks them to tap new markets. The benefit of blockchain technology is done by incubating the new projects on this platform. The next generation world is on a digital platform and Blockhive aims to get most of the society in this mode which is without borders and limitations.

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What is Blockhive?

Blockhive is a practical and innovative solution where traditional companies come together in a partnership to help open new markets and make a new ambition to make a situation that is a success from all around. This concept gave the project name Blockhive. Just as beehives are made using each other’s help, businesses build a platform which can help and make a new environment together. There are limitations for one business in many aspects and this limitation can be a strength for the other. Keeping this in mind, it would be a give and take relationship where both businesses would work together to gain from each other’s strengths and bridge the gap in their shortfalls.

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How Blockhive Works?

The work of Blockhive is like bees in a beehive where they work together to maintain the colony and in the same manner, the business houses work to save the industry. Blockhive does not charge the business fees for their services. Instead, it works as a partner and helps in the blockchain technology to build strategies and succeed the project as a joint venture. Once the project is successful, it would share the profits between each other and Blockhive would make revenue then. It is a simple process where the business can revive itself with the help of Blockhive and its expertise and cover up all the shortcomings of the project.

how blockhive works?

About Blockhive

Blockhive is based out of Estonia but its roots are from Japan. The country uses too much of blockchain technology thus giving the company a boost in its operations. Estonia worked with the government to develop a system called as E-Residency which would be an identification system that can be used by anyone across the world. Such a system helps the global business family to be flexible enough and help in all sorts of operations. The team has a good mix of engineers, designers, mining experts, financial specialists and programmers who do their work diligently and get the company the right recognition it needs. The background of all the people in the team is diverse and are spread across Europe and Asia.

Key Components of Blockhive Technology

Blockhive works in a collaboration as it needs to develop business models and services which could work in the blockchain setup. It helps the companies cover a range of sectors which could mean diversification. The motive of Blockhive is to create a standard so that it could develop a future of fundraising through blockchain technology. This fundraising would then help Blockhive to enhance its business and make the company work to the core to help businesses across the globe. The identification of digital aspects is a must as it would help to maintain the trust factor which is otherwise vague in traditional businesses. This can be done by using the e-Residency ID technology built by Blockhive for its country’s government. It has a concept to tokenize the company assets and properties along with money to get it more recognition and increase the revenue. To maintain all this in the format which is progressive, the team at Blockhive keeps on discussing matters that are concerning the group with regulatory authorities. These matters are something that concerns the average person using the blockchain and to overcome it so that technological advancements can be done in the progressive stage.

The creation of wealth needs to be democratized as per the Blockhive team. This goal is a common one which is shared by most of the blockchain based companies and is only possible by the decentralized technology via blockchain. Using this technology, the values can be exchanged or pre-distributed to make it enhance the lives of all the individuals involved in it.

Blockhive ILP

All the blockchain technology platforms go ahead with the ICO which is an abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. This ICO helps the platform to generate revenue for the company and get a boost to start performing from a revenue standpoint. Such ICO helps to develop the platform and its goal so that the financial backing can get strong enough. But with Blockhive, they decided not to go with ICO for their future growth. Instead, they came up with a new concept which is known as ILP. This ILP is nothing but Initial Loan Procurement which is legalized for the first time in blockchain technology. The team has developed a fully legal binding digitalized loan agreement which would help the company to function smoothly. This ILP has a new token called as FLAT. It means Future Loan Access Token. This ILP is not open to public usage. Though you can purchase it for your growth but the funds raised would be only used for internal purposes. This would include Business Management, and for marketing and development of the platform.

The new ILP strategy is a great sign to show prosperity. It shows that the makers do not follow the lead but make a new path altogether. The new fund-raising structure has seen a great potential among users in the blockchain technology. This process is a great way to help municipal governments and organizations to be legally bound by a loan agreement to get the growth and infrastructure by the money raised using ILP. ILP has a documented structure which helps the users to be transparent and reliable. It is legally sound in nature and can be used for tax benefits too. It is a simple procedure and comprehensive as well. This ILP works via Tokenote and is a joint venture between Blockhive and Agrello.

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You can subscribe for the ILP from 14th May 2018 and would end on 30th June 2018. This ILP would be raised in Euros but would be paid in ETH only. The company aims to raise 6.75 million Euro in ETH form for the success of ILP. Blockhive has decided to pay interest rate at 20% of the operating profit to the lenders. This would help many new projects to flow in to get as much profit possible. However, the payment date for interest is not yet decided. The performance summary would be released before the payment to give a heads up on the interest amount. Upon discussion and confirmation of dates, the investors would their interest paid to the wallets in ETH form and loan amount as decided during the loan finalization. The loan would be extended upon completion automatically for the next 10 years unless either party decide to terminate it.

More About FLAT Tokens

Blockchain Technology is not new to the industry and it has spent a good number of years for all to know about its working. However, the Initial Loan Procurement is new to the blockchain, there are many questions revolving around it which is not a surprise for all. FLAT is a kind of token for Blockhive but not a token exactly. Hive is the first FLAT token which is being used to raise funds for Blockhive. You can get into a loan agreement with creditors using the Hive token and help them to trade the loan contract with other users. 1 billion Hive tokens will be issued for the entire tenure. However, out of this 1 billion only 150 million would be used in this round. One HIVE would be about 0.045 Euros which would be converted into ETH.

If you have participated early into the Blockhive then you would have received 8% of the tokens already which is an added benefit for you. The Hive tokens have been allocated for 30% proportion to public ILP for the first round. The second round for public ILP would be for 15%. The management and team would be eligible to receive 10% as an incentive when the lend Blockhive funds. Similarly, this would be for advisors as well but only for 2%. The company reserve would be for the remaining 50%.

Each digital currency needs to be kept in a wallet. This wallet helps to keep currency safe and send and receive from other users. Blockhive has a smart wallet of its won which is named as EESTY. When you use EESTY wallet you would be rewarded certain loyalty points which would be in the form of ESTY and can be exchanged for the hash power within Estonia for the mining facilities. There is an investment arm for Blockhive which is known as E-Best venture and it incubates potential projects and takes complete advantage of the blockchain technology.

Roadmap of Blockhive

The blockchain for Blockhive was developed in October 2013 and was established in April 2017 for the public. It took a few months to partner with some of the best companies and register the E-Best ventures in Estonia in November 2017. The start of 2018 saw a new beginning with ILP and the launch of eesty the wallet HIVE. There are many new partnerships coming up with many companies and this would see a fruitful year ahead.

E-Best would see its first ever investment in April and would follow the start of KYC for the second ILP. EESTY tokens will also integrate with ESTY and the second launch is expected in May. This launch will see a new Tokenote structure before winter. Slowly the eesty would get integrated with eesti mining and loan agreements along with FLAT tokens. All this and much more is expected out of Blockhive in this year.

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Where to Buy Hive?

Blockhive tokens will be easily available online on the official website. You can buy them in Euros and they will be converted into ETH which would be the mode of payment. You will be able to buy HIVE token on various popular exchanges such as HitBTC. All these exchanges have their set protocol to buy the currency and tokens which need to be followed for a smooth process. You can store your tokens in the EESTY wallet which is specifically developed for HIVE.


Companies that are trying their best to get into the blockchain technology, approach Blockhive and fulfill their requirement. It is an advantage for such companies to easily enter the world of blockchain and take complete advantage of it. It has an innovative approach which is seen by the success of Initial Loan Procurement rather than ICO. This is more likely to be used in the future for all sorts of fundraising activities.

With the new age development of Initial Loan Procurement, everything goes digital. This would eliminate the paper-based working style which traditional loan procurement follows. You would need to follow procedures where all the documentation is streamlined and has the required details needed. In a digital platform, all such details would be readily available as the KYC would be done at the time of registration. This would help in any kind of transfer whenever required as all the details are available at the click of a button. It would be helpful even when the number of users would increase and things would go out of hand in a traditional setup. This is the kind of environment Blockhive is creating for the future.

ILP is a new process which was never integrated into the blockchain environment and is now being worked upon. It is a huge breakthrough for all and the requirements are being fulfilled by the team to streamline this innovation. It takes a lot of research and development to get things done at a global level which is seen in the team at Blockhive. So, find out all the information about the platform and work towards gaining more from it.

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