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Blackmoon Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Blackmoon Crypto depicts itself as “the scaffold between the crypto universe and the customary investment market.” Find out what that implies today in our Blackmoon Crypto review.

What Is Blackmoon Crypto?

Blackmoon Crypto, discovered online at, is a platform that guarantees to bring together the upsides of fiat and cryptocurrencies to expand investor returns. Fundamentally, the goal of Blackmoon Crypto is to tokenize investment funds. You can buy and offer investment funds as effortlessly as you would buy and offer cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies are as yet associated with the securities, but you keep away from the high exchange expenses of conventional exchange markets.

Blackmoon Crypto was made by a company called the Blackmoon Financial Group, which was established in 2014.

Clearly, Blackmoon Crypto isn’t the main company that has proposed such a framework. We should investigate how Blackmoon Crypto works to determine what makes the company different from its competitors.

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How Does Blackmoon Crypto Work?

Blackmoon Crypto intends to differentiate itself from its competitors by creating and maintaining a superior framework for tokenized funds. Investors can buy into Blackmoon Crypto to take an interest in both the real world and crypto economies. It’s a combination of blockchain adaptability and fiat instruments.

Instead of tokenizing individual stocks and securities, Blackmoon Crypto Platform means to tokenize funds when all is said in done. A fund manager could tokenize a bushel of stocks and securities, at that point offer that fund’s token on an open market.

Investors could buy tokens for the funds that deliver the best returns. The marketplace is intended to be straightforward – so instead of navigating the fine print of a customary investment fund, you can without much of a stretch view all pertinent fund information.


Blackmoon Crypto Features

Blackmoon Crypto’s legitimate site outlines the greater part of the following core features planned for the platform:

Best Of Both Worlds:

Blackmoon Crypto will allow users to diversify income sources while retaining the greater part of the advantages of both the crypto and fiat universe. You can appreciate the stone strong establishment of the “real world” economy, for instance, while likewise enjoying crypto benefits like decentralization, straightforwardness, tradability, and cost effectiveness.


Blackmoon Crypto plans to structure its investment funds in a legitimately consistent manner. The structure will be reviewed and approved by the company’s lawful consultants. “By sorting out control dangers”, explains the official site, “Blackmoon Crypto Platform will enhance investor certainty and give sustainability of the investment procedure.”


Tokenized investment funds will give an institutionalized framework to buying and selling investment funds while enjoying the advantages of a decentralized marketplace. Tokenized investments could draw in investments from private individuals and individual investors of any kind. Blackmoon Crypto’s authentic site guarantees that, “now is the correct time to introduce the industry standard for setting up tokenized investment funds.”


Investment funds won’t be setup as obscure investment vehicles with fine print connected. Instead, they’ll be planned with a straightforward framework that will generously enhance accountability for investment managers and investors, increasing the certainty of both.


Blackmoon Crypto Platform cases to be adaptable, which implies investment managers would setup be able to and run a tokenized investment fund without having to go through the pain and exertion of creating the fundamental IT and legitimate infrastructure.

Liquidity And Users:

Like crypto investment managers, investment managers from the fiat world can without much of a stretch make consistent tokenized investment funds, at that point offer those tokenized funds to existing clients with the greater part of the advantages of the blockchain.


Who’s Behind Blackmoon Crypto?

Blackmoon Crypto is driven by Founder and CEO Oleg Seydak, Co-Founder Ilya Perekopsky, Chief Technology Officer Ilya Remizov, and Chief Crypto Officer Alexander Rugaev.

Before founding Blackmoon Crypto, Seydak was fellow benefactor of Flint Capital, a funding firm that spearheaded elective lending in Europe. He is additionally the previous Managing Director at FINAM Global wander fund.

Blackmoon Crypto is a project from Blackmoon Financial Group, a financial services company established in August 2014. The company handled its first loans through the Blackmoon Lending Marketplace platform in June 2015.

By January 2018, Blackmoon Crypto plans to dispatch a token distribution for its first fund, a high yield settled fiat income fund. The second fund, a low hazard settled fiat income fund, is planned to dispatch in March 2018.

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Institutionalized platform

Setting up the best possible investment structure is an exorbitant undertaking. Not all tokenized funds set up a legitimate structure, which prompts more noteworthy administrative hazard. Blackmoon Crypto trusts that presently is the perfect time to introduce industry norms for setting up tokenized investment vehicles that can draw in investments from private individuals and institutional investors of any kind. This will decrease or expel administrative hazard from investors.


Tokenization of interests in funds (share in benefits) gives auditability and straightforwardness to the investment procedure and additionally to the outcomes. This straightforwardness implies the investment funds won’t be “secret elements” for the investors, with reporting loaded with fine print. This genuinely necessary straightforwardness will significantly enhance accountability of the investment managers.


Funds’ legitimate structure will be reviewed and approved by our lawful consultants to guarantee they are consistent with existing laws and controls. The same number of current investors in tokenized funds are, best case scenario in Terra Incognita, this eye toward lawful obligation significantly diminishes legitimate dangers for the investors. Blackmoon Crypto has verified the proposed structure with a few financial institutions and has gotten an indicative approval that it will pass internal techniques, enabling funds to be moved from and into the crypto world. By sorting out these dangers from the earliest starting point, Blackmoon Crypto will enhance investor certainty and give important sustainability of the investment procedure.

Versatile fund creation

Using the framework set up by Blackmoon Crypto, the Blackmoon Crypto Platform, anyapproved investment manager will have the capacity to set up and run a tokenized investment fund without having to go through the pain and exertion of creating the vital IT and legitimate infrastructure. This will viably eliminate the boundaries for tokenized fund creation, which will be a critical point of reference toward bringing the fiat and crypto economies into a similar realm.

Bringing in new liquidity and users

We trust that the Blackmoon Crypto Platform is a turnkey arrangement that will prompt further proliferation of the decentralized economy. Investment managers from the fiat world will have the capacity to effortlessly make consistent tokenized investment funds and offer their existing clients every one of the advantages of the blockchain that has been a popular expression among investment managers for quite a long while.


The vertical hub positions the effect on the industry, estimated as an extent of market measure change or other influence on the blockchain universe. The even hub measures the diversification introduced to the crypto world. The greater investment alternatives are offered, the greater assorted variety is conveyed to the ecosystem. New monetary forms exchanged, new organizations made, and new resource classes used as a source of income increase the decent variety of the crypto world and in this way proficiency. Along these tomahawks, the quadrants move from the low-affect, low-assorted variety Scalers, to the high-affect, high-decent variety Market movers.


Blackmoon Crypto Platform is an arrangement of advancements, systems, interfaces, know-how, lawful frameworks, and associations with banks and other authorized players in the financial market. The resulting platform will allow investment counsels to structure, advance, and maintain tokenized investment funds for their customers. At the base of the structure is the holding company, claimed by Blackmoon Financial Group, with an auxiliary administration company to deal with the funds. The holding company will build up all parts of the Blackmoon Crypto Platform, and also work on attracting and evaluatinginvestment consultants, who will set up tokenized funds within the Blackmoon Crypto Platform.

These funds are investment vehicles, every one of which is devoted to executing a specific investment methodology under the administration of its investment counsel. The administration company, and by augmentation, the holding company, is in charge of consistence, licensing, partnering with banks, and working with legitimate consultants. Right now of Distribution, the holding company will issue Blackmoon Crypto Platform tokens, called BMCs. Holders of BMC tokens will have the capacity to register as Continuous Contributors to the Platform through the Platform’s site. Continuous Contributors will have the capacity to store BMCs in a safe wallet linked to their account. Each Continuous Contributor will get an offer of

Fund tokens that work on the Platform according to the strategies specified by specific Funds (if it’s not too much trouble allude to the “Sources of continues for Continuous Contributors” segment below). To register as a Continuous Contributor the holder of BMC tokens will pick the part that she/he is willing to execute as a contributor to the Platform. The rundown of available parts will be freely available on the site and refreshed as expected to mirror the present needs of the Platform’s continuous development. One of the main parts will be that of an Investment Advisor. Different parts will be Platform promoters, investment experts, legitimate counselors, open inspectors, GR guides, and so forth. Every part will have specific minimum and most extreme measures of BMCs that can be kept by a Continuous Contributor while executing such a part. As far as possible will be for the most part applicable to Investment Advisors (kindly allude to the “Contribution of Investment Advisors” segment below).

The larger part of parts won’t have a minimum store confine. Continuous Contributors will have the privilege to partake in “individuals just” talks regarding the Platform system and development plan. In any event once per year or as required, the Platform will initiate a vote among the Continuous Contributors to assemble opinions of the contributing community on key development matters. The aftereffects of such voting won’t bind but will be firmly considered by the operational administration. Continuous Contributors will every once in a while affirm the execution of their parts on the Platform to keep their status and store wallets dynamic. The procedure of the status affirmation will be specified for every part.

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How To Buy BMC?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy BMC. However, the process is quite simple and you will to find the best exchanges where you will be able to buy it. This section will help you to know how to buy BMC. At the moment, you can make use of HitBTC to buy BMC.

Blackmoon Crypto Conclusion

Blackmoon Crypto, as other investment platforms declared in the blockchain community lately, plans to tokenize investment funds, making it simple for investors to take an interest in “real world” financial and investment openings while at the same time enjoying the advantages of the crypto economy.

You can learn more about Blackmoon Crypto, including information about the company’s upcoming ICO, by visiting the fund platform online today at

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