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Bit-Z Review – Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bit-Z Review

Bitcoin trading has turned out to be a standout amongst the most lucrative businesses in the cutting edge period and along these lines it does not shock anyone that today there are more than 100 online exchanges that claim to give users the “best investment bargains” Bit-Z is the same, and fundamentally is an “online trading platform” which offers “proficient digital resource transactions and OTC services” to clients the whole way across the globe.

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What Is Bit-Z?

According to information that can be discovered online, the company was established in 2016, and has its central station in Hong Kong (a nation where a lion’s share of crypto-exchanges are unregulated). However, Bit-Z does not modest far from this reality, and plainly cautions its investors to not put in cash if they are from the Federal Republic of Germany, or from the State of New York in the United States of America.

In terms of its services, Bit-z plans to furnish the greater part of its clients with a “more secure and proficient service” that is at standard with some other trading platform in the market. From a security standpoint, we can see that Bit-Z makes use of “bank-level SSL security associations”, in order to guarantee the protection of the considerable number of transactions that occur within its network. Finally, Bit Z additionally utilizes’ GSLB distribution servers’ that certification the soundness of the platform.

How Does Bit-Z Work?

In the same way as other of the other “high profile exchanges” on the web, Bit Z offers its clients with a single trading account. As a consequence of this, to buy or offer bitcoin, all users need to register and verify their subtle elements on the site. What’s more, some more reports might be requested, if company authorities see fit.

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What is the Future of BTC in Hong Kong?

As said before, Bit Z is based out of HongKong, and in this manner investors from certain nations can confront lawful ramifications if they have used this platform. However, in the ongoing light of things, we would now be able to see that the Hong Kong government is right now developing controls that to a great extent reflect “the approach acknowledged in the US and other western nations”.

Since China has prohibited all ICO’s, Bit Z can possibly bring in countless investors installed.

Is Bit-Z Safe?

Subsequent to searching through different websites and community strings, there was no issue of false movement being accounted for from the people at Bit-Z. However, there were various complaints regarding the slow withdrawal forms and late cash release.

Since, Bit-Z is providing users the choice to exchange between an expansive number of different virtual monetary forms (there are around 20 different virtual coins available for exchange on this exchange), individual transactions are deliberately observed.

A few users have composed that they have been requested extra reports for their funds to be released. While this may sound a bit excessively, but seeing the quantity of tricksters that are trying to take advantage of the ‘Crypto blast’, it feels like a justified advance.

Why Choose The Bit-Z Service?


The center team consists of specialists in the field of finance and digital marketing. The majority of the center individuals that are a piece of Bit-Z have been in this industry for more than 10 years each.

Easy Transactions:

Owing to cutting edge ‘security protocols’ that is used company servers. Bit Z can assist offer users with quick, fresh “wallet to wallet” transactions (among it’s users as it were).


As said prior, Bit Z makes use of “Bank-level SSL secure associations” that ensure that every individual transaction is taking spot as endorsed.

Synchronization Capacity:

Users can possibly exchange and affirm their transactions rapidly.

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Bit-Z Exchange Features

The Bit-Z platform offers the normal features you need from a cryptocurrency exchange. When you have verified your account, you can exchange between a long rundown of cryptographic forms of money. The exchange has a genuinely rich portfolio with no less than a few dozen digital currencies to browse. Most users will use the exchange in a customary way by depositing Bitcoins from their wallet or platform of decision. They at that point use that adjust to exchange.

Notwithstanding the capacity to exchange digital forms of money, Bit-Z offers users the greater part of the devices they have to settle on an informed choice. It has real-time market information, along with cutting edge graphs, exchange accounts, reports, and API access to allow for mechanized trading.

Bit-Z is an expert exchange keep running by a team with long periods of involvement in the tech industry, allowing for framework steadiness that you can depend on. It is additionally helpful because of its solidness and productivity, allowing you to rapidly entire transactions.

There are no security concerns because of the bank-level SSL technology that ensures every transaction. Finally, the transactions are immediately affirmed by means of real-time worldwide synchronized information that is constantly refreshed.

What Are OTC Trades?

OTC exchanges are as yet growing in fame, and Bit-Z is aiming to be a pioneer in this regard. These “Over the Counter” exchanges don’t expect you to use an account from another cryptocurrency or exchange platform or your e-wallet and allow you to buy monetary standards straightforwardly from different individuals from the site – the requests won’t appear on the exchange but in the different “OTC” zone.

You are additionally ready to offer your monetary forms in this way and the framework uses an individuals criticism rating framework so you can check the other part’s trading profile and input.

You can use U.S. dollars or Chinese yuan to buy BTC, ETH, or LTC. There are various approaches to pay for these services, including bank wires, AlyOPay, money deposits, MoneyGram, Western Union, Neteller, and PayPal.

How To Open a Bit-Z Account?

Opening an account with Bit-Z is generally basic. You will register and after that need to verify your account using a code sent to your mobile telephone. You will likewise require extra identification on record before making any withdrawal. This is an additional safety effort and guarantees that users are not from purviews where Bit-Z is illicit. There is no assigned time period within which Bit-Z will confirm your account after you give the important information and identification. The team cautions that auditing can require significant investment. However, they offer the capacity to accelerate the review procedure (as they allude to it), by contacting client service.

For extra security, Bit-Z uses 2FA or Double Verify Passwords. This enhances account security by requiring you to demonstrate your secret word in two different ways. To use this framework, install the application for Google Authenticator (identification verifier) on your smartphone. At that point go the Security Center and sweep the QR code, inputting your 6-bit watchword verification and your typical login secret word. Finally, tap on “Begin 2FA.”

How to Trade on Bit-Z

To begin trading on Bit-Z you have to login and tap the “Exchange” link which is situated on the upper right of the main menu. This will at that point stack up the trading screen.

On the left-hand side you will see the trading sets which are available: BTC, DKKT, ETH and USDT. Pick which money you might want to exchange and after that snap which cash you might want to exchange for.

You would then be able to use the two boxes under the diagrams to put in your buy and offer requests of your coveted cash.

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What is DKK Token (DKKT) ?

DKKT is a steady coin cash which Bit-Z themselves have propelled which is pegged 1:1 with the Danish Krona and can be used on the exchange as a trading pair.

The DKK Token (DKKT) in light of the steady estimation of DKK. The blockchain token issued at a 1:1 rate in light of the market estimation of DKK currency.1 DKKT=1 DKK. DKKT expects to give you a stable digital money arrangement and it is focused on the down to earth application of blockchain technology in the fields of conventional finance, governmental issues, law, sociology and normal sciences. DKKT drives the development of Internet-based digital monetary forms.

The greatest feature of the DKKT is that it is identical to a similar measure of Danish Krone, and 1 DKK ≈ ¥


While researching the majority of the discussions online being had regarding Bit-Z, we didn’t find any references to false movement or hacks being accounted for. However, there were various complaints regarding the slow withdrawal forms and late cash releases. A few users have composed that they have been requested extra archives for their funds to be released. All things considered, the exchange appears to be sheltered to us.

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We will simply begin off by saying Bit-Z charges just market dealers, which is a typical practice at cryptocurrency exchanges. Depending on the cryptocurrency match exchanged, the highest sum is around 0.3%. They at that point charge 0.5% for withdrawals.


Bit-Z furnishes users with the alternative to exchange between a genuinely expansive number of different virtual monetary standards (there are around 20 different virtual coins available for exchange on this exchange). Since may appear like a lot, but a portion of the bigger exchanges persist 100.


Bit-Z is a simple platform to comprehend and explore through. You join in minutes and approach the market within their platform. One of the downsides is that they don’t acknowledge fiat. You need to deposit Bitcoins from you wallet or another platform and use it to exchange different cryptographic forms of money on Bit-Z. If you don’t have a wallet or account in another crypto-exchange, Bit-Z offers an off-exchange service, that they named “OTC Trade”. Here, you can buy BTC, LTC or ETH with USD dollars or Chinese yuan through an extensive variety of payment methods.

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What Fees Does Bit-Z Charge?

To make it moderate to use Bit-Z, it charges generally low fees. There are no fees for deposits. The fees related with withdrawals shift by digital forms of money but are commonly low. You will likewise find low fees for trading; regardless of whether you are buying or selling, the most widely recognized charge is 0.1 percent, despite the fact that there are special cases.


Bit-Z is definitely an exchange to watch – it has a substantial number of digital currencies recorded with some that presently can’t seem to appear on other bigger exchanges, for example, Nano ( formally RaiBlocks ). Their fees are reasonably priced and on the low side contrasted with other comparable exchanges. Their notoriety is a bit of a blended sack right now with a few people loving the exchange and others complaining about long withdrawal times.


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