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Bits Blockchain Review – Exchange Guide


Supported by a Corporate of in excess of 25 organizations (International Corporate of Technological Development Avant-Garde) and a standout amongst the most vital organizations in the spin, Bits Blockchain is a propelled trading platform intended for experienced computerized resource merchants And spent significant time in Altcoins, Algos and Performance.

Bits Blockchain is the most exceptional trading platform for computerized resources, offers propelled exchange works that allow users to buy and offer Bitcoins and different Altcoins or Cryptocurrencies.

The request engine offers recommended pre-check prices and users can set the amount of Bitcoins or set the price paid for each request in the amount they choose. Regardless of whether it’s fixing an ensured execution or on the other hand setting the final price you’re willing to pay for your request, the decision remains yours. This depends on a charge engine that accomplishes a low idleness execution along with the dependability of an exchange that has just been verified while supporting a large number of every day transactions. You can rest guaranteed that Bits Blockchain will process arranges dependably in a quick moving market at high speed and with awesome productivity.

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Buy/Sell (Trade) of the greater part of the main advanced resources, including Bitcoins (BTC), ATM Coins (ATMC), Litecoins (LTC), Dogecoins (DOGE), Stellar (STR) and Ripple (XRP) With the principal Fiat coins on a single platform.


An institutional-class trading engine with a strong API and good with Gox, which encourages the usage of complex algorithm techniques.


Intended to improve transaction speed and productivity, Bits Blockchain guarantees low idleness arrange satisfaction and instant execution with finish arrange types.


Bits Blockchain negotiation and pairing engine oversees extensive trading volumes, with high execution and low idleness using various monetary standards.

The Bits Blockchain Trading Platform depends on the same LMAX/troublesome example used by leading investment banks around the world. This institutional-class trading platform has a basic and simple to-use user interface that allows users to buy and offer key advanced resources. It additionally has a common and consolidated request book for the combined settlement of a few monetary standards, notwithstanding pricing and hazard management in real time.

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If you need to be a piece of the new Technological Revolution and your goal is to see how this technology is changing the manner in which you work together, what makes it so unique, why you want to comprehend it and embrace it at the earliest opportunity, at that point you are looking for us.

What is Blockchain?

One of the most concerning issues that this technology settle is saving time; in this way, you likewise set aside some cash. As you know, one of the issues – among numerous in the current financial framework is the time it takes to the intermediaries to process banking transactions, also that security is as yet a key point that is not completely ensured.

When we discuss the Blockchain, this means security. In this day and age, security is reflected in the trust we provide for the organizations that handle our data, meaning banks, the government, and so on. Presently, shouldn’t something be said about all the information that is taken care of? Who knows about it? Do they control it?

Blockchain’s prosperity depends on the way that security assumes a vital part in its development.

A portion of the things that should be possible with this technology are:

* Carry out financial transactions without the need of intermediaries. No one but you knows your data, nor your income.

* Make more secure transactions in the most brief conceivable time, with extraordinary classification and the certainty that all transactions are upheld.

* The opportunity to invest by trading in new monetary standards that have the help of a whole community around the globe.

* The change of your business by allowing new methods for payment, keeping in mind the end goal to develop your company.

* E-trade platforms with multicurrency, an additional incentive to your company.

What are cryptographic forms of money?

We can not refer to the Blockchain without mentioning the cryprocurrencies. The virtual money is the banner of this new technology block chain that plans to change the payment framework.

Cryptographic forms of money are not the eventual fate of the financial framework on the planet, they are the present. One of the infinite things that can be realized with the technology Blockchain is the use of the crptocurrencies.

But, what are the cryptones?

They are an advanced methods for exchange, upheld by a framework that secures every last one of its transactions, which are kept in Blockchain.

How to work with this?

Blockchain is a database with scrambled and changeless time information equipped for functioning as an accounting book, in which transactions of numerous types can be facilitated and imitated on servers around the globe. Because of that, it is the most secure database on the planet.

As its name suggests, it is a chain of blocks; Blocks containing information refreshed each time a transaction is performed without deleting the past information. Also, this information is upheld on different servers situated in different parts of the world, which implies that a verification of every activity performed on every server is made keeping the information safe and uptdated.

The applications of this kind of technology are infinite and as wide as one can imagine.

Just developing a database where the information can not be deleted and the record is kept and encoded forever extends any business probability where security, consistency and productivity is required.

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General Information

Bits Blockchain’s home nation is China. One of numerous different exchanges from China that you may be interested in if this exchange isn’t to your liking is

Bits Blockchain does not unequivocally preclude US-investors from trading on its exchange. In any occasion, all US-investors should even now do their own particular independent analysis of any issues arising from their residency or citizenship. In a most dire outcome imaginable, they are as yet precluded from trading at one or a few exchanges that could be the best cryptocurrency exchange site for them (perhaps including this one).


Trading fees

The one thing you should not overlook is to check the trading fees of an exchange that interests you. Bits Blockchain offers a level trading charge of 0.50%. The exchange does accordingly not think about whether you are a taker or a producer. For investors who want to get existing requests from the request book, this may be an appealing trading charge model. The expense level of 0.50% specified above is considerably higher than the industry normal which is around 0.25%. One ought to consider whether this exchange has a solid offering to investors in different regards that exceeds the impediment of this to some degree higher trading charge.

Withdrawal fees

Bits Blockchain charges a withdrawal expense amounting to 0.004 when you withdraw BTC. This is far better than expected in the industry.

To abridge on the fees, this present exchange’s offering is obviously not exceptionally focused.

Deposit Methods

Bits Blockchain acknowledges deposits through both wire exchange and credit cards. Numerous crypto investors obviously see this as exceptionally positive.

Trading Accounts and Conditions

Bits Blockchain is an exchange that allows both coin-to-coin and coin-to-fiat trading with an attention all alone advanced resource, ATM Coin (ATMC). The exchange, which is situated in Macau, China, is at present in the main 30 by trading volume at CoinMarketCap.

In terms of security, Bits Blockchain uses 3-Factor Authentication, but we couldn’t find information on the capacity of advanced resources.

Bits Blockchain Advantages

Barely any altcoins available

Other than the most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Bits Blockchain additionally offers trading in Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin and ATM Coin. All things considered, the most prevalent matches on this exchange are the ones with the ATM Coin – ATMC/EUR and ATMC/USD.

ATMC is an advanced coin created by a similar company that runs the Bits Blockchain exchange. The coin has a price restrain ($10), after reaching of which a sum of $ 2.3 billion of ATM Cash will be available to the market.

Fiat monetary standards offered

Bits Blockchain offers trading in computerized coins for probably the most well known fiat monetary standards (USD and EUR). Thusly, this exchange most likely appears to be alluring to beginner crypto-investors, as they can specifically deposit and withdraw money.

Has a wallet service

While a few exchanges just go about as a go between and acknowledge deposits and send the coins to a wallet which users must make, with Bits Blockchain one can hold his Bitcoin and USD in his or her account at the exchange.

Helpful payment strategies

At Bits Blockchain one can deposit or withdraw using bank wire exchanges, and also VISA check card. The last allows withdrawals from any ATM on the planet and is a significant uncommon service that isn’t given by most cryptocurrency exchanges.

Clear introduction of the fees

Something else we like about this exchange is the simple clear and exact introduction or the fees they charge – deposit, withdrawal and trading ones for each instrument. In spite of the fact that this isn’t an imperative favorable position of this exchange, it is a pleasant touch, which indicates the straightforwardness of their services.

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Bits Blockchain Disadvantages

High fees

The expenses of trading at Bits Blockchain are higher than the ones gave at different exchanges. The fees are 0.50% for both market creators and market takers. Most exchanges charge trading fees that are two times lower. As a correlation, Kraken charges 0.16% and 0.26% individually.

Also, Bits Blockchain applies nearly high deposit and withdrawal fees. While crypto deposits are gratis, investments in fiat by means of bank wire are accused of 3.95% USD/EUR. Salty gees are additionally applied to crypto withdrawals: 0.004 BTC, 1.00% ATMC, 0.005 ETH.

No use advertised

Bits Blockchain does not allow dealers to get cash so as to exchange all the more forcefully. If this is the thing that you are looking for, a forex intermediary might be an appropriate option for you.

Remember that there are a great deal of differences between trading digital forms of money on an exchange and with a forex representative. You may find every one of the insights about it here.

No platform

The service offered by Bits Blockchain is a straightforward request box, as opposed to a trading platform. There is no charting, no request book, not to mention propelled features, for example, analysis indicators. On the other hand, we should concede that this makes the service straightforward and simple for newcomers in the crypto world.

Minimum deposit amount

Bits Blockchain has set a minimum deposit necessity for fiat investments (100 EUR/USD), which isn’t that bizarre for exchanges that help customary monetary forms, but yet we consider it an impediment.


Bits Blockchain appears to be a passage level cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading in a few coins and backings the absolute most mainstream fiat monetary forms. The exchange puts an exceptional spotlight individually coin, ATMC. While Bits Blockchain’s fees are plainly introduced, they are quite high, particularly considering the way that their trading platform is anything but progressed.

The Management Company of Bits Blockchain and ATM Coin is ATM Global Investments LLC, headquartered in Macau, China, but it appears that the engineers originate from South America. Just like the case with most comparative organizations, it isn’t directed.

The main issue with most crypto-exchanges is the inherit danger of the framework, and additionally the counterparty chance. Indeed, even probably the most respectable exchanges have been hacked, also the price unpredictability of Bitcoin and the other computerized resources. That is the reason we prescribe investing with trusted and all around managed organizations. Some forex agents, as HYCM and IG , are additionally offering a type of Bitcoin trading, and they are appropriately authorized.

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