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BitRent Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Bitrent is a blockchain platform that needs to pull in private and business property investments. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Bitrent?

Bitrent, discovered online at, is a land investment platform based on blockchain technology. The objective of the platform, according to the official site, is “to pull in business and private property investments at a beginning period of development with a specific end goal to gain most extreme benefit.”

Bitrent is being produced by a development and land development company originally established in 1995.

bitrent homepage

How Does Bitrent Work?

Bitrent allows anybody to digitize their benefits and turn into a proprietor of business and private property objects. The objective is to simplify the way toward investing in hotels, businesses, shopping malls, and houses while making it reasonable to anybody.

Using RNT tokens, proprietors can invest in land and get profits from land transactions. All activities performed with the token on location are recorded within the blockchain using smart contracts. In the interim, all land archives and digitized and exchanged to investors.

The whole development project can be followed online using the RFID labels inserted in every single auxiliary component involved in the development procedure.

A portion of the center elements of the platform include:

Land Investing

The platform will draw in land investments at all phases of development. Investors can invest a little measure of cash in land; investors can gain presentation to profitable land resources without fundamentally owning the whole resource


Investments are ensured by records in the decentralized registry (the blockchain). You can claim an offer in land anyplace on the planet.

Digitized Real Estate

Digitized information about land objects is put away in the blockchain. Land transactions are directed through smart contracts on the blockchain.


Bitrent uses Building Information Modeling, or BIM, as a center layer of its infrastructure. The platform additionally uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for monitoring and control. Tracking is used to guarantee all buildings are built with eco-accommodating materials that consent to LEED and BREEAM necessities.

Together, these two infrastructure innovations allow members to share essential land information continuously. Every member can check all land objects online progressively to lessen immense measures of manual data gathering.

At the point when the whitepaper notices “checking all land objects”, Bitrent alludes to a one of a kind idea: the company plans to insert chips into “all constructional components”. This allows investors to track and screen each phase of the development project. It additionally allows investors to get finish information on land things within a decentralized network progressively.

The long run objective of Bitrent is to make a blockchain-based platform that pulls in land industry investments. The final product is where investors can get benefit by selling or renting land things, get business and private property profits, pull in investments at any stage, direct development monitoring and quality control, get to finish information about projects under development, and access ongoing calendar control

bitrent features

Who’s Behind Bitrent?

Bitrent is driven by Dmitriy Starovoitov (Founder) and Dmitriy Shapran (CEO and Co-Founder). Both are situated in Ukraine, and both rundown involvement with Megaline on their LinkedIn profiles. Starovoitov has been a Managing Partner at Megaline since 2003, while Shapran worked as a Managing Director between 2002 and 2013.

Megaline is a development company with 50+ fruitful land projects and 2 million square feet of business property development in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the UAE. A man named Carl Francis is additionally recorded as an individual from the team. Francis is recorded as “one of the main 10 planners on the planet”.

Bitrent is incorporated under the name LP Bitrent Company, with an office registered in London.

bitrent team

Bitrent was established in April 2017.

The Bitrent ICO

The Bitrent ICO begins with a pre-sale on November 20, followed by a general ICO on December 1, 2017. Investors were able to buy RNT tokens, which were planned as a methods for payment for the Bitrent platform. You can likewise spend tokens on “premium services” of the BitRent platform.

The Bitrent ICO involved the arrival of 1,000,000,000 tokens. 100,000,000 tokens (10%) remained with the company; 200,000,000 tokens (20%) were discharged during the pre-sale, 699,000,000 tokens (69.9%) were available during the ICO, while 500,000 each were discharged for bounties and to the team.

Bitrent likewise plans to incorporate a buyback program. The platform will apportion “up to half of benefit from the past financial years” towards a token buyback program, where they’ll repurchase tokens at market price.

BitRent says that they expect to take the real estate market to another cryptoeconomic level. The company plans to increase cryptocurrency capitalization up to $10 trillion on account of cryptoinvestor capital.

bitrent ICO

BIM, RFID and how they work

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a technology that empowers investors to control development procedure of the protest. Value holders will have day in and day out access to the information regarding all development stages. Every last stage will be obviously appeared on smartphones and PCs. All data is gathered through Smart Contracts and RFID labels. Besides, communicated will be new-constructed property division. This is a shiny new feature in real estate market that hasn’t been displayed yet.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) screens transportation of development materials, their accessibility and dislodging around building site. RFID labels read and send the data that is safely put away on RFID labels.

Owing to introduction of a unified online real estate control framework, potential and genuine market investors will gain access to an incorporated information within decentralized industry. This framework allows to control the development of both business and private real estate.

Capacities of BitRent platform

Real estate investing—any sums at any development organize.

Digitized data—protest tasks through Smart Contracts, with all transaction information to be put away in Blockchain.

Straightforwardness—anchored transaction records within decentralized register.

In due time Blockchain will be esteemed more than gold within business real estate development because this new technology is totally denied of degenerate practices. Given that, all transactions will be affected within a unified, trusted and secure framework with no blunder probabilities.

“We came to change the real estate world for the last time, much the same as Tesla company did to car industry. We are Oracle in real estate industry with the objective to change all real estate objects worldwide and increase cryptocurrency capitalization up to $10 trillion,”— says BitRent delegate.

It is normal that the platform will work at full limit in October, 2018.

Just multi year after the declaration, the company plans to make some amazing progress from preliminary foundation of single cash for investors to market dispatch on the platform.

bitrent opportunity

Is there a solid business case for BitRent (RNT) technology ?

Missing BitRent (RNT) code archive: This is another certain shot technique to spotting an ICO trick. If the company is unwilling to discharge its code to open vaults, for example, Github, maintain a strategic distance from the ICO through and through.

You can have the wrong impression that Your BitRent (RNT) investment is to a great degree liquidatable; and that you can money out at whatever point you need, which makes this space very distinctive and exciting. If it’s not too much trouble combine this with your normal individual who sees little of investing and just tosses cash at things. Promotion fills a decent arrangement of gains in crypto’s which includes more risk, as any marketing firm can reveal to you Hype can be purchased or made artificially… .and you get defrauded like a child !!

While evaluating the BitRent (RNT) ICO, the great first thing to ask is: “Do they require a blockchain or a local token for this project?” The appropriate response is no to both, odds are the ICO project is a case of solutionism — crypto for crypto’s purpose — or a trick.

Thinking up an item like BitRent (RNT) , isn’t an indistinguishable thing from creating it. New companies like BitRent (RNT) , all the time “wear out” when looked with unanticipated issues. Somebody goes bankrupt subsequent to launching his startup, while another person doesn’t dispatch by any stretch of the imagination.

bitrent roadmap

Any project you invest cash in must be real at the present time, not in the inaccessible future. Is this the case with BitRent (RNT) ICO ?

The main general guideline with regards to investment in new ICOs is never investing in them except if you have seen a working model of their item in activity yourself. Approach yourself : is this valid for BitRent (RNT) ICO ?

BitRent (RNT) individuals talk how their token supply will diminish (essential cryptocurrency feature show in all coins) and the token price will develop. Perceive how fat that rising primary concern is. This is all they need – a costly token that will give them a chance to dump and exchange it for Bitcoin.

Due constancy is the key with regards to research in the upcoming BitRent (RNT) ICO and the items they are offering. You can’t simply depend on other individuals’ research, remarks, musings or analysis. There are dependably individuals who go off paid advancement content as their research.

The best thing you can do is to speak with BitRent (RNT) corporate administrators involved with the ICO. In many cases, they are glad to give significant information to enable you to settle on your choice. Continuously know that the general population you converse with at BitRent (RNT) , might not have the best intentions, so endeavor to keep away from sales pitches. Instead, center around validating the BitRent (RNT) company’s presence and bearing.

BitRent (RNT) ICO will for the most part have an escrow to hold user’s funds during the ICO and after. So watch out for the Escrow members and the escrow conditions. This may spare you some cash. Do you think that the BitRent (RNT) startup is using the best Escrow service . Also, if it’s not, it can be a decent indicator about the way that this ICO being a non-bonafide one.

bitrent product

How To Buy Bitrent?

Well, while reading this review you must be thinking about how to buy Bitrent. This section will help you to know how to buy Bitrent. At the moment, you can buy it from HitBTC and YoBit and it is expected that it will get listed on other exchanges sooner.

Bitrent Conclusion

Bitrent has booked the dispatch of its platform for March 2018, in spite of the fact that this appears to be a beta dispatch. The full platform will begin task in October 2018.

Over November and December, Bitrent is holding a token sale where users can buy RNT tokens. RNT tokens can be used for all transactions on the platform, including land investments. To learn more about the Bitrent token sale, visit online today at

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