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Bitcoin Diamond Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Bitcoin Diamond?

Bitcoin Diamond is one of a few competing renditions of bitcoin that have risen as of late. Much the same as comparable recommendations Bitcoin Silver and Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond guarantees to enhance bitcoin in various different ways.

Numerous individuals anticipated that we’d see a surge in the quantity of bitcoin hard forks after the fruitful August 1 dispatch of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In light of the presence of monetary standards like Bitcoin Diamond, that forecast has certainly worked out as expected.

Is Bitcoin Diamond simply one more pointless hard fork? Or on the other hand does this proposition really have some legitimacy? We should investigate how Bitcoin Diamond functions.

Bitcoin Diamond Homepage

How Does Bitcoin Diamond Work?

Bitcoin Diamond, or BCD, is a fork of the bitcoin blockchain. The fork will happen at block 495866. Once that block happens, another BCD chain will be produced. Now, BCD miners will begin creating new blocks with another proof of work algorithm.

There’s an aggregate supply of 210 million Bitcoin Diamonds. The price will be set at a rate of 1 BTC = 10 BCD. That is a 10 times higher aggregate supply than the original bitcoin blockchain. Indeed, even hard forks like Bitcoin Cash all have a settled point of confinement of 21 million units – all things considered, there’s just 21 million bitcoins in presence.

What’s the point of Bitcoin Diamond?

Which issues does the cash look to settle? The site identifies three main territories of concern:

  • Absence of security assurance
  • Moderate transaction affirmations
  • High edges for new individuals

As far as the aggregate supply, it appears that 170 million BCD will be accessible on the market, while the remaining 40 million will be held for a “community rewards pool as tributes and mining”.

At last, the makers of Bitcoin Diamond underscore that their money isn’t a contender to bitcoin. They portray it as a fork with overhauled technology that jam the original highlights.

The new security insurance comes in the type of extra encryption during the exchange. In the mean time, the moderate transaction affirmation issue is understood by raising the block size to 8MB – which is what Bitcoin Cash did to make quick transaction times.

Why does Bitcoin Diamond stress extra encryption on transactions?

The company guarantees extra encryption is required “in some application situations, particularly in numerous business situations”. A few people like protection.

What about a wallet?

Bitcoin Diamond doesn’t have any official wallets. However, if you hold your bitcoin keys, at that point you can move those keys into Bitcoin Diamond when a wallet is authoritatively propelled.

Bitcoin Diamond also intends to bring down limits to new individuals by releasing 10 fold the number of units as bitcoin (210 million Bitcoin Diamonds instead of 21 million bitcoin).

Bitcoin Diamond Services

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Diamond?

Bitcoin Diamond’s development team isn’t named. The aliases two engineers are listed, while the third originator goes anonymous. The two named designers include Every and 007. The company seems to have sorted out under the name The Bitcoin Diamond Foundation. They list their area as Singapore.

In an official statement, the dev teams are listed as Team Evey and Team 007 – so it shows up this is a cooperation between teams of designers rather than individuals.

Bitcoin Diamond Features

Max Supply: 210 million

Distribution: Mining and claiming

Mining Algorithm: SHA256

Block Time: 10 minutes

Max Blocksize: 8MB

Difficulty Adjustments: Every two weeks

Max Transactions Per Day: 4.8 million

SegWit: Yes

Transfer Protection: Yes

Eventually, in view of these highlights, Bitcoin Diamond appears to have more just the same as Bitcoin Cash than the original Bitcoin.

No dependence on a concentrated framework

The cutting edge world continues to shift increasingly information from physical to online capacity. By 2020, it is assessed that over $100 billion will be spent every year by businesses on cybersecurity.

Memority recognizes that there are a few other ‘safe’ stockpiling platforms accessible, however, the team asserts that there are numerous variables which differentiate their item from their rivals. For instance, it is altogether decentralized, and access to the data sets is confined just to the proprietors who hold the private key. Of course, 10 duplicates of the information will be put away keeping in mind the end goal to avert incidental or pernicious cancellation, with a monitoring framework set up to recognize and supplant missing records.

The documents are also shielded from production because of information identifiers, with the monitoring framework ready to check for counterfeit data sets and reestablish the right duplicates. These highlights happen in a ‘totally independent and independent’ way, because of the absence of dependence on a brought together framework. A point by point breakdown of the greater part of the differentiating components of Memority is accessible on their site.

Their white paper expresses that the mission of Memority is to “make an independent biological community that includes numerous applications to address the issues of businesses, government associations and individuals in the ultra-secure capacity of a wide range of significant information.” all together for the platform to work, clients around the globe will give memory from their PC hard drives to go about as independent stores. Their incentive for doing so is the mean to interface the most extreme number of “ordinary PC clients” as conceivable with the Memority framework, along these lines maximizing the quantity of independent vaults accessible. The platform will be controlled by the Memority specific crypto token, MMR, using the smart contacts framework. The team has featured that “5 percent of all installments for information stockpiling will be distributed between miners who participate in block creation”, assist incentivising clients. Hosts will get 90 percent of the installment from information proprietors for their document hosting administrations.

Roadmap and ICO

The Memortiy team holds an immense scope of involvement in blockchain, web generation, financial frameworks and cybersecurity between them. The thought for Memority went to the team in 2016, platform development started in 2017, and advance has been consistent up until the current arrival of the working alpha form, which is accessible now for clients to test from the Memority site. The Beta discharge is made arrangements for July 2018, and the completely finalized Memority 1.0 platform is booked to be live by March 2019.

The ICO begins on May 16 and will close on October (1 MMR = 0.1 USD). It will be delicate topped at $5 mln and hard topped at $85.5 mln. A point by point breakdown of token distribution and cash distribution following the token sale is accessible on the Memority site.

Bitcoin Diamond Roadmap

Bitcoin Diamond is Largely Unknown!

You may even find out about it out of the blue. Bitcoin Diamond did not get the attention of prior forks. At the present time, it has been examined in discussions and the Slack channels of the other fork-Bitcoin Gold. But exchanges, clients and holders of Bitcoin appear to be to a great extent unconcerned. The exchanges listed in the site don’t have even a fates market for Bitcoin Diamond, as they improved the situation Bitcoin Gold.

The Facebook page is to a great extent exhaust, there is not a single community to be seen, and nobody knows who the genuine miners will be. Wire is a no man’s land, and the Slack invitation link is difficult to find.

Bitcoin Diamond has 10 Times More Coins

But clients won’t get a matching measure of Bitcoin Diamonds. Up until this point, it is obscure what number of coins would be gotten, but the aggregate number of Bitcoin Diamond will be 210 million, not 21 million like Bitcoin. So the cash would inflate rather rapidly and regardless of whether you got one BTD for each BTC, they would be worth 10 times less because of the higher supply.

Bitcoin Diamond May Attract Scammers

Each time a hard fork happens, con artists slither out of the woodwork to assert their pull of free Bitcoins. The gathering behind Bitcoin Diamond has exonerated itself of duty regarding outsider wallets – and we definitely know this is one of the spot where the greatest peril hides. It is best to abstain from sharing your private seed with such administrations, and endure until the point that official wallets include the asset and it just shows up in your adjust. The greatest Bitcoin whales won’t move their holdings at any point in the near future to assert an altcoin, regardless of how promising.

Each one of Those Forks can Bust Your Anonymity.

Forks mean free coins-what’s not to like. But according to a fairly distrustful Reddit client, forks may also link Bitcoin wallets to an identity. If you choose to money out on the free coins, you will require an exchange account-and exchange accounts accompany stringent KYC techniques. So regardless of whether you have an absolutely unknown reserve of coins, but then proceed onward to send the new coin, you are compromising you obscurity the exchange has your name, face and identity and may know how much Bitcoin you claimed.

Bitcoin Diamond Won’t be the Last Fork

If you are having a FOMO minute with regards to forks, another is coming in around 18 days-Super Bitcoin, coming at block 498,888. Every one of the warnings apply to this fork too, with a keep a watch out disposition for ordinary clients who are not anxious to move a safe reserve of Bitcoin. So don’t surge in presently to “Make Bitcoin Great Again”, as Super Bitcoin guarantees to do with a message waving back to a year ago’s infamous crusade.

At the point when did the depiction for Bitcoin Diamond happen? The depiction was taken at block stature 495866. Block 495866 happened on November 24th at around 1:20 am Pacific Standard time. Accordingly, if you had Bitcoin around then, you will have Bitcoin Diamond when it is discharged (or when the outsider exchange or wallet you utilize begins backing it). See information on block 495866 [I am basing the time above on’s block records].


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) has not authoritatively been discharged yet, and there is a great deal of questions. You can exchange BCD prospects on Binance, generally there is no real way to guarantee/mine the real coin yet (Binance discharged fates, not genuine Bitcoin Diamonds; the preview was taken, but rather one can’t assert their BCD yet). Sit tight for an official word and others to test drive BCD before you go downloading wallets and following online instructions. There is as yet a shot the fork isn’t genuine. See more warnings and tips below.

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a fork of Bitcoin that happens at the predetermined stature of block 495866 and therewith another chain will be produced as the BCD. Bitcoin Diamond miners will begin creating blocks with another proof-of-work algorithm, and will successively create and improve the insurance for account exchange and security in view of original highlights of BTC. This will cause a bifurcation of the Bitcoin blockchain. The original Bitcoin blockchain will continue unaltered, but another branch of the blockchain will divide from the original chain. It has a similar transaction history with Bitcoin until the point when it begins branching and coming into a one of a kind block from which it wanders. Because of this procedure, another cryptocurrency was made which we call “Bitcoin Diamond”.

Bitcoin Diamond Comparison Chart

How To Buy Bitcoin Diamond?

After reading this review, you will be able to know that you really need to invest in this promising currency. However, there are many people who are looking to invest their money in the world of cryptocurrency and it is ideal to invest in BTD.

You will be able to buy it from following exchanges: – Read More

Binance – Read More

Coinbase – Read More

Kucoin – Read More

Bitcoin Diamond Exchanges

How To Mine BTD?

There are various different ways to mine this coin but the ideal approach for mining this coin is joining different mining pools to interact and mine with other people to get rewards.


Mining Pools



Bitcoin Diamond is a fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain. The fork intends to enhance bitcoin in two noteworthy ways: it intends to add extra encryption to every transaction, and it intends to increase the default blocksize utmost to 8MB. At last, Bitcoin Diamond appears to have more in a similar manner as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) than heritage Bitcoin (BTC). It’s also not absolutely clear who’s behind the project, how the blockchain fork works, or what kind of extra encryption is being utilized. There’s no Bitcoin Diamond whitepaper, for instance.

There are also 210 million Bitcoin Diamonds, which is 10 times more than some other variant of bitcoin. Again, it’s not absolutely clear how this functions – whether they’ve really made more bitcoins, or if they’re simply using a littler denomination.

At any rate, stay tuned for the dispatch of Bitcoin Diamond at block 495866.

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