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Bitclave Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

BitClave is a decentralized hunt framework that intends to upset the $550 billion advertising industry. Here’s our BitClave review.

What Is BitClave?

BitClave looks to tackle a big issue in the online advertising industry: the industry is dominated by a couple of real players (like Facebook and Google). These advertising goliaths take a gigantic cut of advertising income. BitClave expects to disturb the $550 billion advertising industry with a blockchain-based arrangement.

BitClave’s solution is called BASE, or BitClave Active Search Ecosystem. It’s a decentralized framework that interfaces consumers straightforwardly with businesses – eliminating the requirement for a broker like Google AdWords. That implies consumers and publicists get real an incentive from each applicable hunt inquiry in the BASE ecosystem.

The BASE ecosystem is designed to accompany the typical favorable circumstances of blockchain technology – like smaller transaction costs, quicker speeds, and secure user data stockpiling.

All the more critically, from the user’s point of view, it gives you a chance to look for the things you ordinarily scan for online – but get paid to do as such. It’s a pursuit app that pays cash.

bitclave homepage

BitClave Benefits

BitClave means to introduce the greater part of the following advantages to the universe of online advertising:

Diminish the cost of online interactions between users and publicists by eliminating the agent

Instead of a broker, BitClave uses cryptography and action ledgers to make smart contracts

Users can use the BASE application to benefit off of each query output where the coveted statistic parallels that user’s statistic profile; if a publicist needs to promote their content to a multi year old man, and that user is a multi year old man, at that point the user gets paid in exchange for viewing the commercial

Users’ own data is safely put away on the un-hackable blockchain

The general goal is to diminish the increasingly aggressive web based business scene dominated by mammoths like Amazon and Alibaba.

bitclave features

User Benefits

For users, BitClave’s BASE is an inquiry app that pays cash. The case on the BitClave site talks about how “Ben” is looking for another auto. He looks for the auto, but finds huge amounts of immaterial links and ads on ordinary web crawlers.

Using BASE, he finds customized offers from auto merchants, every one of which is competing with each other to offer the best arrangement. For each offer, merchants are prepared to pay Ben somewhere in the range of $5 to $50. So just via searching for another auto, Ben can make up to $250 – regardless of whether he doesn’t buy an auto.

The business pays Ben specifically. There’s no go between – like Google AdWords – involved simultaneously.

Business Benefits

For what reason would businesses profit by paying a lot of cash to consumers only to search? Businesses can profit by BASE by creating smart contracts. Smart contracts execute when individuals from the intended interest group perform looks for applicable information. User provenance is ensured by the ledger.

For a commonsense case, BitClave comes back to the vehicle dealership case. Vehicle merchants can make an advancement focused at consumers who claim a multi year old auto, for instance. They can fine-tune their pursuit significantly assist by selecting consumers who favor German autos, have an income higher than $100,000, and live within 100 miles of the dealership. At the end of the day, dealerships can find their ideal client and give that client their best offer.

Master Benefits

BitClave offers benefits for one more gathering of individuals. BitClave calls these individuals “specialists”. They’re the advertising pros who can enable businesses to accomplish better advertising outcomes online.

For a small expense, these specialists can make smart contracts for businesses and assemble customized encounter arrangements in different verticals.

How Does BitClave Work?

Clearly, BitClave has some aggressive goals. How can it really plan to accomplish the above advantages?

The BASE ecosystem credits each important inquiry question a specific measure of custom cash called Consumer Activity Tokens (CAT). These tokens are sent from the promoter to the user. The more applicable a user’s statistic data is to the promoter’s coveted statistic, the more probable the user will be paid in the type of CAT.

The final product is that clients get rewarded for searching for pertinent items. However, BitClave’s BASE additionally empowers sponsors to abstain from wasting cash on notices that achieve insignificant groups of onlookers.

Shouldn’t something be said about BitClave’s security mechanism? How can it plan to keep users more secure? BitClave has a team of security specialists drove by the previous Chief Security Officer at LG Electronics. That team shields user data on the un-hackable BitClave blockchain. Users can select in to pick which information they share with associations.

For what reason Would You Use BitClave?

BitClave is essentially a web search tool publicized as a contrasting option to the web crawlers you see on Google. It’s additionally an advertising network, like the advertising networks you see on Facebook or Amazon.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon are for the most part free services. Keeping in mind the end goal to profit, these services pitch your information to a large number of publicists around the globe.

BitClave has made an option. BitClave’s BASE allows clients to direct quests on an elective internet searcher and all the while perceive and advantage from every single gathering that their data is being sold to individually.

So instead of allowing a great many internet brands to pay Facebook and Google for your own information, you can control access to your information and earn remuneration.

BASE will open to internet users on July 25. Over the coming months, BitClave plans to join forces with extensive online retailers and confided in businesses. The goal is to hit one million pursuits for every month.

BitClave’s BASE Features

Eliminates the broker

Puts protection first

Allows consumers to benefit from their information (instead of having their information sold)

Decreased cost for businesses

Smart contracts

Power ledger


BitClave joins a bunch of other digital media-based tokens in attempting to handle the digital world.

The advertising industry alone is worth about $550 billion, with Facebook and Google taking the lion’s offer. It may appear to be to a great degree aspiring to endeavor to handle organizations like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Baidu, but that is a typical note in the crypto-upheaval.

When you zoom out of focusing exclusively on BitClave for a minute and make yourself mindful of different projects in the space, you may begin seeing flashes.


This platform is looking to disturb the content creation space, where users are incentivized by means of remuneration to compose and connect with content on


The Basic Attention Token is additionally looking to handle the advertising scene and is offering a platform where users are given careful consideration when watching advertisements, and distributers get the greater part of promotion income specifically.


This blockchain-based advertisement exchange expects to disturb the online advertising scene to battle advertising extortion, security, and consent to receiving specific supported messages.

While the above projects could actually be considered rivalry, they’re all determined to remove the present advertising scene. With Facebook and Google receiving 73% of all online promotion dollars, the objectives are clear.

bitclave solution

The Bitclave Team

BitClave was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. To make matters much all the more interesting, it works out of Google’s main grounds. This gives BitClave the opportunity to enlist high-level ability from the surrounding regions.

The CEO is Alex Bessonov. Bessonov has encounter working with startup quickening agents also working as a product engineer with Microsoft, eBay, and Informatica.

BitClave’s CTO is Patrick Tague. Tague has involvement in mobile, implanted, and remote security.

bitclave team

How To Buy CAT?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy CAT. This section will help you to know how to buy CAT. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy CAT. At the moment, you can make use of exchanges like Bibox, KuCoin, HitBTC and YoBit to buy CAT.

BitClave Conclusion

BitClave intends to upset the online advertising industry with an innovative decentralized hunt platform called BASE. That platform allows users to control their information – and even benefit by selling their information to publicists. At the point when users see advertisements important to their specific statistic, they’ll get rewards in the type of CAT, or Consumer Activity Tokens.

The final product is that you profit from your own particular information. Instead of watching Facebook and Google pitch your information to a great many sponsors far and wide, you can benefit from your own particular information while viewing more pertinent ads.

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