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BankEx Review – Cryptocurrency Guide


As the cryptocurrency space has developed, increasingly fintech organizations have gained an interest in tokenization. Bankex is a cryptocurrency financial platform that needs to represent considerable authority in token sales and financial assets. Their bank exchange platform will allow buyers, and additionally banks and other financial institutions, to exchange their items.

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Proof Of Asset Protocol

Their main item, the Proof of Asset Protocol intends to empower investors to comprehend their issues with asset liquidity. The protocol combines BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) and blockchain advances, which are then categorized into four essential phases of task; digitization, tokenization, asset trading and dealing. A standout amongst the most interesting features of the Bankex Proof of Asset Protocol is that it can tokenize assets. Asset tokenization has numerous advantages. For instance, tokenization of a construction project could allow for an expansive number of investors to contribute individually to the project and afterward get investment returns. Also, the platform will have the capacity to tokenize fiat monetary forms, giving users access to crypto/fiat subsidiaries.

During their ICO, Bankex will allow investors to buy as few as only one BankEx token. The team has additionally included bonuses. These bonuses begin when investors buy five hundred tokens, which at the ICO exchange rate will be equivalent to one Ether. The tokens can be purchased using Ether and not the Euro or Dollar monetary forms.

BANKEX Foundation

The BankEx project is being controlled by the recently settled Bankex establishment. At exhibit, the establishment is included experts with encounter collaborating to contribute meaningfully to the achievement of the business. The establishment team includes Bankex guides, the center team individuals, and the technology team individuals.

The expressed motivation behind the BankEx Foundation is to make the devices for individuals to enable themselves to wind up financially independent.

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BANKEX Solving The Liquidity Issue

It’s entrenched that the issue of liquidity is one essential factor slowing down monetary advance. For instance, in spite of the fact that a business may have enough assets, they might be not able access the general population securities markets, leaving their assets in a highly illiquid circumstance. Up to now, this issue has been comprehended by securitization, but this has been confined to expansive financial institutions.

BankEx’ Proof-of-Asset protocol, legitimate frameworks, and innovative arrangements accommodate answers for this issue, giving consumers choices, and making real advance towards granting liquidity alternatives to the market.

Does the Bankex Project Fit A Need?

In a word. Truly. In our view, the BANKEX project fits a need, as well as could be conceivably momentous.

Basically, BANKEX’s main item, the Proof-of-Asset Protocol, empowers users to take care of issues relating to the liquidity of their assets by a procedure called tokenization.

Tokenization basically implies turning user’s assets into tokens and allowing trading on those assets to happen using those tokens.

Tokenization has a huge number of potential intrinsic advantages not slightest by allowing investors to contribute to projects and get investment returns on them.

Imagine that you claim two autos but just need one of them. You need to fund-raise instantly on the auto that you don’t use but would prefer not to go through the issue of selling it in the customary way. Imagine a scenario where no one buys it. What an exercise in futility. The auto is most likely worth less now as well.

Try not to fear. Tokenization allows individuals who are interested in investing into assets but were generally put off by the cost of entering into the market would now be able to do as such effectively and openly. They can even invest in your auto, if you choose to use BANKEX’s platform.

BANKEX means to handle the ordinary issue that forestalls asset proprietors of any kind from being ready to get to the general population securities markets typically just available to expansive financial institutions.

It’s not simply autos we are talking about here, it’s everything. EVERYTHING. Generally, assets, for example, gold, stocks, real estate and oil likewise confronted the issue that they are difficult to partition and exchange. Tokenization takes care of this issue. Period.

Not exclusively does tokenization of any asset make it more fluid, it likewise increases the estimation of the asset because of the increase in its liquidity. The Proof-of-Asset Protocol depends on the principles of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen the state of the assets and the asset assessment process.

Over the long-term, BANKEX’s Proof-of-Asset Protocol intends to empower the formation of Smart Assets which plans to build up another age of decentralized capital markets in numerous business specialties. Along these same lines, I wouldn’t wager against them doing it either.

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The Team

When looking for an investment to make in the crypto space, examining the team behind the technology is significant. Gratefully, BANKEX has a team and warning board to comfort any potential investor feeling (however much as could reasonably be expected at any rate). Rest guaranteed, the BANKEX project is being controlled by the BANKEX Foundation and involves a solid team of designers and experts.

BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel has a MBA from Stanford School of Business and is knowledgeable about item development, activities and advanced procedure usage. He likewise has a strong expert reputation working for various lofty institutions, for example, McKinsey, Deloitte and Citadel. Khmel likewise established a FinTech research facility and innovation hone for Sberbank, one of the biggest banks in Eastern Europe.

BANKEX additionally gloats a noteworthy leading group of consultants which includes industry specialists, for example, Sasha Ivanov, Founder of Waves, Sergey Sergienko, Founder of Chronobank, Nehemia Kramer, a beginning time investor in Ethereum, Chris Skinner, leading financial markets strategist, Gabriel Colombo, Executive Director of Symphony Foundation and Peter Crampton, Professor of Economics at Maryland University.

If that wasn’t sufficient, the BANKEX team took an interest and won first prize at the “Blockchain: the new Russian Oil” hackathon in Kazan, Russia with the prize by and by granted by none other than Vitalik Buterin.


In October, BANKEX released a demo of their Proof-of-Asset Protocol for BANKEX smart asset creation. Clearly, we are extremely positive about the accessibility of a working demo at this phase of the proceedings and gives us another reason (if we didn’t have enough as of now) to feel somewhat conceited about investing in this project.

If you’re interested in using the demo, you should first install MetaMask plugin. After you sign in using MetaMask, you can pick the sort of smart asset that you might want to make. At present there are 3 kinds of smart asset available for creation: auto token, real estate token and Apple gadget token.

It would be ideal if you see this guide for a point by point instruction on the best way to make a smart asset on the demo. Note, the demo-form is presently operational on Google Chrome and Yandex programs.

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Vesting Lockup

We know that around 400 million BKX were issued with 220 million foreseen to be sold (with around 40-half of those in pre-sale).

Unsold tokens were solidified in a 45/55 proportion to team tokens for a time of multi year at which point they might be released in the auxiliary exchange at a price no lower than the crowdsale price.

We additionally know that 12.5% of the tokens being held as a choice pool for future development and 10% remaining in the BANKEX establishment save.

BANKEX has additionally held various tokens for finance institutions to encourage pilot projects and create proof-of-idea.

Do the trick to state, this is the thing that we would anticipate from a company that is not kidding about its business and isn’t planning to disappear at any point in the near future.

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Community and Sentiments

BANKEX technology has as of now be asserted to be fruitful by individuals from the online blockchain community. BANKEX has built up a solid following on Telegram and various online web journals, for example, Bitcointalk and Steemit. BANKEX additionally has a solid internet based life nearness and is oftentimes engaging its supporters with engaging and useful substance that outlines the capability of its technology. Right now, BANKEX has 9288 likes on Facebook and 1467 followers on Twitter.

How To Buy BKX?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy BKX. This section will help you to know how to buy BKX. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy this coin. You can take a look at this list of exchanges to know more.


Banks are OLD NEWS. The slow, costly and unwieldy services offered by banks are the reason BANKEX has come to market. BANKEX needs to make another financial framework that gives more an incentive to the general population.

BANKEX’s technology is changing the way ordinary transactions are done, making them more straightforward, faster and dependable. The capacity to track, exchange and oversee assets through tokenization improves liquidity as well as contributes to speedier, less expensive and more straightforward securitization.

Imagine that you are a youthful and aspiring female business person in Sri Lanka with a progressive business thought, but restricted access to capital and business services. What are your alternatives? The appropriate response may be BANKEX.

BANKEX’s Proof-of Asset protocol is the first application to introduce liquidity to underserved market sections, using real assets and bridging the hole between customary finance and the blockchain.

Indeed, BANKEX’s technology is the thing that the blockchain was intended to be used for in the first place, resolving world issues by bridging the hole with these new advances and allowing customary markets to open up new sections.

The way things are, BANKEX speaks to a superb investment opportunity. It is extraordinary as it is the first of its kind just like a Proof-of-Asset Protocol. In addition, BANKEX doesn’t have any immediate competitors in its space.

The bridging of the hole between banking and blockchain using Smart Contracts conceivably has boundless adaptability because of its decentralized nature and finish adaptability of the tokenization procedure.

By utilizing the Banking-as-a-Service platform, it allows for simple integration with current financial service advancements and made it less demanding to pitch the item to banks or organizations. As opposed to running the danger of becoming out of date, banks can integrate blockchain API and use it to create Bank-as-a-Service (Baas) applications.

It really is a win for everybody concerned. How about we trust they do it, for every one of us.

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