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Autonio Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Autonio, found online at, is a decentralized AI trading robot. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Autonio?

Autonio is an AI-powered trading robot and platform that guarantees to use knowledge gathered from high recurrence merchants on Wall Street.

Clearly, we’ve seen various AI-powered cryptocurrency trading robots appear in the course of recent years. Digital forms of money appear to be an ideal fit for computerized trading: they’re highly unpredictable and governed to a great extent by investor feeling and request.

What makes Autonio different from its competitors? Today, most computerized trading platforms use contents. You need coding background and compose contents to take an interest in robotized trading. There’s a restricted GUI, and fledgling coders battle to take an interest – in spite of the reality those tenderfoot coders may have colossal trading aptitude.

In light of that, Autonio plans to be an impartial, self-learning trading engine that exploits the cryptocurrency market.

autonio homepage

How Does Autonio Work?

Autonio is a decentralized, AI-powered trading robot. The robot is powered by “long stretches of knowledge gained from Wall Street’s mechanized high recurrence trading (HFT) industry,” explains the designers in a blog entry.

The robot uses market indicators to investigate cryptocurrency patterns. At that point, it uses this information to produce buy/offer signs, at that point execute exchanges.

Another key goal of Autonio is to open computerized trading to brokers of all levels of coding background. The bot is planned with a simple to-use GUI, which implies users with no earlier coding background can profit by the unpredictability of cryptocurrency markets.

Users can likewise rent or offer their AI improvements using NIO coins anchored by means of smart contracts. The most gainful AI enhancements get featured on a leaderboard, creating a constructively aggressive condition where amateurs can learn from the specialists, and specialists can benefit from their fruitful trading movement.

Actually speaking, Autonio is based on JavaScript, PHP, and Ethereum smart contracts. You can see a working demo of the platform today at The demo uses Bitfinex, and you can back-test AI trading procedures to see its productivity dependent on past market execution. 28 different monetary standards sets are available for back-testing with Autonio.

autonio working

Autonio Features

Here are a portion of the center Autonio features:

A simple to-use GUI that doesn’t require any coding or trading knowledge

Combines numerous indicators into a single clear buy/offer flag, at that point executes exchanges as high of a recurrence as the user wants

Users can customize and upgrade trading procedures by combining trading indicators to amplify returns

Users can backtest every one of their trading systems to perceive how effective that technique would have been in past marketplaces

Autonio has an “Official NIO Trading Championship Leaderboard” that shows the best trading techniques and energizes rivalry between trading framework engineers

Autonio works with various signs and indicators, including Exponential Moving Average (EMA) hybrids, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, and Ultimate Oscillator; these indicators are famous among forex dealers and among Wall Street brokers

autonio features

The Autonio Token Sale

The Autonio token sale started on September 22. There’s an aggregate supply of 256 million NIO tokens. NIO tokens are ERC20-agreeable tokens based on blockchain technology. 70% of the aggregate supply will be available during the token sale, with 15% to the founding team, 12% to accomplices and marketing, and 3% to bounty crusades.

The company has put a $10 million hardcap on its crowdsale.

Crowdsale bonuses end on October 16, with the sale continuing until the point that the most extreme top is come to.

Who’s Behind Autonio?

Autonio is driven by Project Manager Ali Raheman, a business person who has created various licenses in the field of technology and medicine. Other key individuals from the team include Parth Darji (Head of Technology), a mixed reality master, and Michael Morton (Chief Financial Officer), best-known for his work with Gneiss.

Autonio Involves the User

Autonio is a trading platform that vigorously involves the user. For instance, when executing exchanges, the robot will do as such in as high of a recurrence as the user demands. Further, users can customize trading procedures, and also upgrade them. They can do this by integrating different indicators to overstate returns. Users can likewise share their artificial intelligence advancements by using NIO coins, which are all ensured through smart contracts. There is a leaderboard, and the AI improvements that are the most gainful will be featured there. The leaderboard – called the “Official NIO Trading Championship Leaderboard” – is there to energize rivalry between different trading framework engineers. All things considered, a little rivalry never hurt anyone. Truth be told, some of the time it inspires innovation.

Autonio users can likewise backtest their trading methodologies. This is a useful feature if that user is looking to perceive how effective their trading technique would have been had it been in past markets. Besides, one of Autonio’s goals is to bring unremarkable crypto merchants to its platform. The team needs these merchants to feel that they can exchange alongside experts without feeling awkward or intimated while doing so.

Buying and Selling Trading Strategies

With Autonio, users can both buy and offer their trading methodologies. That, as well as users can offer and exchange their consultation time.

The link below fills in as a manual for Autonio:

Using Autonio

Exchanges Autonio Can Be Traded With

Starting at this moment, Autonio can be used with the following exchanges: Kraken, Bittrex, QuadrigaCX, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp.

Services Available

At this moment, Autonio is available as a work area application for the following services: Windows, Linux, and IOS. For Android users, there is a mobile application for Autonio.

What Makes Autonio Different?

Specified quickly, we have seen various AI crypto trading robots develop on the scene in the course of the most recent couple of years. That hasn’t influenced Autonio everything that much gratitude to its focused edge. Basically, Autonio is different from its adversaries because it is a GUI that does not request trading or coding knowledge. For viewpoint, most robotized crypto trading platforms today require a user to have coding knowledge and require the user to compose contents.

autonio roadmap

Pros of Autonio

Autonio isn’t prominent because it has an edge on its opponents, or because it rose on the scene with a goal never endeavored. Autonio has various pros. Here are five.

Autonio is a simple to-use GUI with heaps of features

It doesn’t require coding or trading background

The user is in charge

It allows normal or inexperienced crypto merchants to be separated of a service that Wall Street dealers use

Users pay a simple $50 month to month membership charge

A user can exchange over twelve coin combines, which can all be exchanged on the major crypto exchanges

A user can avoid exorbitant and enthusiastic exchanges

autonio platform

Autonio Conclusion

Autonio plans to bring AI-powered cryptocurrency trading to a mass gathering of people. The platform involves a simple to-use GUI, a focused leaderboard, and simple access to an assortment of trading systems. On account of Autonio, users can alter trading methodologies, back-test techniques in past marketplace conditions, and make a framework that gives the most extreme productivity.

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