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Augur Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Augur?

Augur is a decentralized expectation market platform that uses the Ethereum network. In an expectation market, you can wager on the result of future occasions to get fiscal prizes. The more outlandish an occasion is to happen, the greater the reward you can acquire predicting its prosperity.

Augur utilizes “The Wisdom of the Crowd” from indicators on the platform to make constant prescient information that is as a rule more precise than the leading specialists.

By bringing blockchain technology to the expectation community, Augur gives you a choice less charges, more noteworthy availability, and preferred exactness over different markets.

Augur Homepage

Creating markets

You have to spend a little measure of Ethereum to make an Augur market. Markets can be anything from “Will the price of Bitcoin hit $20,000 before the finish of 2017?” to “Will outsiders appear on Earth in 2018?”

When you make a market, you set the taker and creator expenses (the cost to buy and offer offers on the books). Taker charges must be between 1.0% and 12.5%. Producer expenses can’t be the greater part of the taker charge. As the market maker, these are the charges you get when the market closes.

In spite of the fact that this is the present expense structure, discourse on the official Stock Exchange page proposes that this will change.

Before long, market makers will instead set a maker expense, and there will never again be creator/taker charges. The maker expense is taken from the prizes of the brokers that hold winning positions and are given to the market maker.

As a market maker, you need to keep the settlement charges sufficiently low to incentivize individuals to offer using your market. However, they should be sufficiently high to take care of the initial Ethereum expense you spent to make the market.

Trading occasion shares

Other than creating markets, you can buy and exchange shares that speak to the chances that the occasion in a market will happen. For instance, you see a market, “Will Bitcoin Cash reach $6k by 2018?”

(For simplification, we’re going to stay with binary, yes/no, markets in this article. You can find a full clarification of the different markets here.)

Because Coinbase as of late added Bitcoin Cash to their platform, this market interests you. You’re genuinely certain that it’ll reach $6k before the finish of the year, so you put in an offer to buy 50 shares at 0.6 ETH an offer.

Offers are worth anyplace between 0 and 1 ETH. The higher the price you buy an offer for, the more probable you trust that the occasion will happen.

Augur Platform

There are two approaches to profit as a merchant. With fluctuating offer prices, it’s conceivable to buy positions effortlessly and offer them higher as feeling changes. Certifiable impetuses may make an occasion be all the more/more averse to occur after some time.

You can also procure cash if you anticipated an occasion accurately and hold shares when the market closes. The measure of your payout rises to:

Payout = Number of offers * Price/Number of ticks

The quantity of ticks is the quantity of conceivable price points between the minimum and most extreme prices in a market.

You have to pay settlement charges from every one of your winnings. The settlement charges include the maker expense set by the market maker and the reporting expense utilized as a part of the Decentralized Oracle System. The bigger your earnings, the higher the expenses you’ll need to pay.

Augur Services

REP (Reputation) tokens

The REP token powers the Augur Decentralized Oracle System. You stake REP to give an account of the result of occasions for the different markets.

At the point when a market closes, you give an account of the result of the occasion and set up a certain measure of REP to back your claim. If the occasion hasn’t happened yet, you should check it “Invalid” seeing that you won’t have the capacity to provide details regarding it.

You have 27 days after an occasion shuts (the reporting stage) to present a report. If you report an indistinguishable result from the lion’s share of correspondents in your market, you’ll get your REP back in addition to a part of the reporting charge. The reporting charge utilizes the following equation:

Reporting Fee = Current Reporting Fee * ( Augur Open Interest * 5/REP Market Cap )

Augur computes the new reporting charge each 30 days.

The more REP that you stake while submitting a report, the more prominent extent of the reporting expense you gain.

Augur Detailed Reporting Diagram

Making things somewhat more confused, markets can also be accounted for on by an assigned columnist. The market maker appoints a designator correspondent to report a proposed result for the market within 3 days after the market closes.

As a journalist, you have an extra 3 days to challenge the proposed result of the assigned columnist. If there’s no test, at that point the market enters the following reporting round skipping the standard 27-day reporting stage.

You have to stake some REP keeping in mind the end goal to challenge a proposed result. The REP that you stake is known as a debate bond. If your test is effective and the proposed result is turned around, you’ll get the funds from your debate security back.

Augur Team and Progress

Begun in October 2014 as one of the main platforms based on Ethereum, Augur is an OG in the crypto world. Jack Peterson and Joey Krug lead the 13-man team. The two have adequate experience working with blockchain technology and beforehand made Sidecoin – a Bitcoin fork.

Augur Team

Augur organizers

Vitalik Buterin, the maker of Ethereum, is a consultant to Augur.

The team discharged the principal open form of Augur in June 2015. Not long after, Coinbase chose Augur as one of the five most exciting Bitcoin projects of 2015. The beta variant was discharged in March 2016.

Augur’s greatest rival is Gnosis. The two projects have teams with significant Augur market and blockchain encounter and are using comparative technology to make relatively indistinguishable items. The real difference between projects is within their financial models. Betoken gathers charges in view of trading volume while Gnosis expenses are corresponding to the outstanding offers.

Indeed, even with comparable items, the market is sufficiently substantial that both of these platforms could realistically exist among each other.


Augur held an ICO in August 2015 in which they distributed 8.8 million REP tokens. There are and just will ever be 11 million REP tokens available for use.

REP exchanged between $1.50 and $2.00 (~0.0047 and ~0.0050) quickly after the ICO. The price has had three significant spikes in its history since at that point.

The first happened in March 2016 because of the beta discharge.

The second was in October 2016 when investors got their REP tokens from the ICO. This caused the price rapidly increase before dumping as exchanges included help for the tokens. In spite of the fact that this appears like interesting conduct, this is a typical event after ICOs. Numerous investors do this to get benefits caused by the price increase that happens between the season of ICO and when the company discharges the tokens.

The third and biggest price increase happened yesterday, December 19th, in which the price rose to over $100 before settling in the $90 territory. There was no significant news that appeared to cause this increase.

A few people have theorized that this spike is a consequence of a great “pump and dump” while others think that it might be insiders trading on the talk that the token will soon be added to Coinbase.

Where to buy REP

Bittrex is the recommended exchange to buy REP. Poloniex also offers REP, but you should practice alert if you utilize that exchange.

Likewise with most altcoins, you can exchange for them using Bitcoin or Ethereum. To begin, you can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on a platform like Gemini and exchange it over to your favored exchange. From that point, you can exchange to get REP.

Moreover, you can utilize Kraken to buy REP specifically with EUR.

Investigate CoinMarketCap for an entire list of exchanges where REP is accessible.

However, the most secured and trusted exchanges to use for buying REP are:

Where to store REP

Betoken has not manufactured a specific wallet for the REP token, but despite everything you have a lot of alternatives. Jaxx and Exodus are two trustworthy online wallets that help different monetary forms, including REP.

The prescribed method to store REP is with an equipment wallet. Using an equipment wallet shields your funds from malevolent programming and programmers. The Ledger Nano S and Trezor wallet offer REP tokens and both are incredible, secure alternatives.

Security model

With respect to what will be set aside a few minutes, the platform is required to finally allow genuine individuals to fill in as “journalists” in the markets.

New markets need to assign a trusted columnist to determine how a wager settle. Chances are, a considerable lot of these will most likely be bots of some kind, maintained by put stock in designers (much the same as Polyswarm’s way to deal with risk appraisal).

In any case, as outlined in the white paper, the framework has two levels of question determination in case members can’t help contradicting a result.

And no more essential level, all Augur users are enlisted in resolving a questioned market. If a market question ascends to the most abnormal amount, Augur forks into new “universes” for every result, and that is the point at which a crowd sourcing method kicks in to determine the right result.

An aggressor could attempt to drive an incorrect result through an assault, but the Augur Foundation’s models recommend this shouldn’t be productive.

In any case, at whatever point users take an interest in deciding how a market settle, they should stake REP tokens to do as such. Whenever they stake on the right result, they remain to procure an arrival.

“The framework does also endeavor to shift the estimation of REP upward, or descending, when required by adjusting the charges that are given to journalists,” Alex Chapman, Augur’s lead contract engineer, explained. “While the top of rep is underneath our objective level, the expenses will go up each week and the other way around.”

However, as the team has been working on the project, they’ve understood there are points of confinement to how far a project ought to continue distributing all work. From the get-go, the team needed to have each market chooses by member votes. While that is as yet the reinforcement get ready for markets with contradictions, the team has come around to rewarding incorporated basic leadership ends up being more productive.

Kysar stated:

“Distributed reporting is extremely a most dire outcome imaginable.”

Augur Featured

Relinquishing control

Furthermore, the main live market on whether Augur will be hacked ought to give the team important lessons, ones which it will reclaim to change the codebase if necessary.

After this, the full dispatch will begin, and that, according to Kysar, that is the defining moment, both in fact and hierarchically.

“When Augur is live on the mainnet, the full discharge, we have no more control over Augur than any other individual does,” he said.

While the Augur Foundation will continue working on the code and the customer, it won’t have the capacity to compel anybody to acknowledge its work. By then, Augur will have a place with the world, a basically imperative advance since generally Augur markets have been closed down or restrained by governments.

“If there’s an essential issue of disappointment anyplace, that is the possibility for controllers to arrive in a close it down,” Kysar said.

He continued, “We’re not going to restrain it, we’re not going to top it, we’re not going to confine it.”

Instead, individuals will have the capacity to put as much ether into Augur as they need.

Augur Connect


Augur is one of the most established projects out there and was one of the first to be based over Ethereum. The platform is a decentralized marketplace for Augur markets and occasion probability stock trading.

Betoken utilizes “The Wisdom of the Crowd” to collect prescient information and report occasion results. The team is knowledgeable about working on prescient markets and has been iterating on their item for more than two years.

Indeed, even with the current price increase, it’s not far-fetched that you could see another huge run-up coinciding with the arrival of the official Augur main net within the year.

Useful Links

Official Website

Official Blog




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