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ATMChain Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

ATMChain is another blockchain technology introduced in August 2017. Find out how ATMChain plans to change the industry today in our review.

What Is ATMChain?

ATMChain is an outsider application being created by the DECENT Network over the DECENT Protocol. The company simply declared its ICO toward the beginning of August, with the ICO planned to begin on August 8.

The goal of ATMChain is to “make the world’s leading decentralized, digitized smart media platform.”

It is an open platform in view of the blockchain, provided food towards the media advertising industry. Through the ATMChain blockchain, users can get to outsider information, motion pictures, person to person communication features, “We Media”, and different applications through APIs.

Later on, ATMChain plans to integrate more offline industries.


How Does ATMChain Work?

ATMChain’s ecosystem rotates around media and advertising. The engineers have designed to network as a protected, mysterious trading framework.

The ecosystem rotates around three gatherings: advertising distributors, traders, and customers. The blockchain digitizes media advantages for help proficiency in the computerized advertising ecosystem. A portion of the key advantages for each gathering include:

Users can ensure their own protection and security and get paid rewards when viewing notices. The advertising distributers can support benefits and increase high-quality user reports and lessen promotion cheating. Publicists appreciate lower costs, more straightforward fund flow, and more precise advertising, which brings about diminished threatening scalping and cheating in advertising

The ecosystem involves the ATMChain blockchain, the open ATMChain platform, and the ATMChain app. In all out, the ecosystem contains an advertising platform, media screen, and “different offices” obliged advertising users, advertising distributors, site designers, advanced cash exchanges, and different gatherings.

atmchain platform

Step by step instructions to Use ATMChain

Here’s the fundamental procedure through which individuals from the advertising industry can use ATMChain:

  • The distributor exchanges ATM tokens to site designers and users as a reward
  • The “screen have” obtains ATM tokens as a reward for the maintenance of the “media screen” (the ATMChain whitepaper doesn’t have an incredible English interpretation available, despite the fact that it appears the company is talking about site has and online distributers when it alludes to screen hosts and media screens)
  • The user obtains ATM tokens as a reward for viewing advertising

You know how platforms like the Brave program and its Basic Attention Token (BAT) work? These frameworks involve rewarding users for viewing advertising that is highly taken into account their individual needs. Users can offer their data if they like, and get focused on advertisements in exchange. ATMChain appears to work in a comparable manner.

Who’s Behind ATMChain?

ATMChain is being created by the DECNT Network, which portrays itself as a reliable computerized content distribution framework. Key engineers include Kevin Yan (Chief Architect), Xin Wang (Principal Researcher), JiaHui Fang (COO), and Lekko Liu (Chief Information Officer).

ATMChain has gotten investments from Beijing Fortune, Fu Jiang Wealth, Wisdom Capital, Xindi Andui, and ICOtime.

All through the ATMChain site, you’ll see a couple of references to “the establishment”. That is the World Technology Crypto Organization, which we’ll discuss below.


The ATMChain ICO

The ATMChain ICO is booked to begin on August 8. You can learn how to take an interest in the ICO by visiting The ICO will distribute a sum of 10 billion tokens. 4.2 billion tokens are available to people in general through the ICO, while 800 million are distributed to early investors and the remaining 5 billion are given to the establishment’s administration.

The ICO will most recent 7 days. Investments are acknowledged in ETH, with a minimum investment of 0.01 ETH.

What Is The World Technology Crypto Organization?

The World Technology Crypto Organization, alluded to as essentially “the Foundation” on the ATMChain whitepaper and official site, is a non-benefit association focused on the development and construction of ATMChain. The goal is to give the project a straightforward development structure.

The Foundation will help oversee general issues and matters regarding open source contribution to the ATMChain project.

General advantage

At the point when a customer arranges a service from ATMChain (ATM), he gets high-quality advertising and a low price. Proprietors of locales that posted materials get extra income. The crowd likewise gets ATM tokens as pay for viewing advertisements. All payments are followed, straightforward and open, settled in the blockchain.

The youthful ATMChain (ATM) project has effectively had its spot and made an ecosystem for all members. The engineers plan to continue working and dispatch their own blockchain application and an extensive variety of new apparatuses.

ATMChain is a leading decentralized, digitized smart media platform. The platform is a blockchain-based platform cooked towards media advertising industry. The platform users can get to motion pictures, information, person to person communication features and other outsider application through APIs. ATMChain plans to integrate more offline features in the prospects in its offer to make the platform world’s leading digitalized smart media platform. The ATMChain is defined as an unknown and safe trading framework where users can get to free advertising features. The platform is a combination of a blockchain network and in addition an advertising distribution channel.

ATMChain Roadmap

The ATMChain network needs to accomplish all its procedure in four stages. The four stages are set apart as milestones on the platform site and they are:

Milestone 1

The first milestone includes:

  • Advertising contract in view of DECENT and others
  • Creating a wallet subsystem that supports ATM token transaction
  • Advertising subsystem with an entire QR code oversee and one that supports the API.
  • Shut circle to token exchange by APP.

Milestone 2

The second milestone includes:

  • Integration with physical media
  • Data security insurance and AI analysis mobile
  • Advertising subsystem with full capacity of substance administration and distribution
  • Propelled research for IoT data gathering and processing.

Milestone 3

Milestone three has three segments that will help make the ATMChain extraordinary. The milestone supports:

  • Raiden network
  • Information subsystem of self-Media creation, media and news conglomerations and ATM token reward framework.
  • Integration with video, audio, and other IoT sensors

Milestone 4

Milestone 4 supports

  • More business situations
  • More subsystems, for example, informal communication subsystems and ticketing subsystems
  • Porting APPs or self-created open blockchain
  • Self-created open blockchain.

How does the ATMChain work?

The ATMChain spins around advertising and adversary. The ecosystem engineers have designed the ecosystem in a way that makes it a sheltered, mysterious trading framework. It rotates around other three gatherings that are advertising, customers, and shippers. The ecosystem involves the ATMChain blockchain, the ATMChain App, and the open ATMChain platform. In all out it carters for advertising users, site engineers, advertising distributers, advanced money and different gatherings. A portion of the advantages users can get include:

  • Protecting their own protection and security,
  • Get paid rewards when viewing advertisements
  • Lift benefits and increase high-quality user report
  • Decrease advertising cheating
  • Appreciate lower cost, straightforward fund flow, and precise advertising.

How To Buy ATM?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy ATM. This section will help you to know how to buy ATM. However, the process is quite simple and you will need to make use of exchanges like HitBTC and YoBit to buy ATM.

ATMChain Conclusion

ATMChain is a blockchain project drove by the DECENT Network and an association called the World Technology Crypto Organization. The Chinese designers offer an English interpretation of their site and whitepaper, but it can be difficult to see precisely how the platform works.

Basically, ATMChain is an advertising platform designed to make the advertising industry more proficient. It rewards users for viewing ads. It gives sponsors better access to data and battle information. What’s more, it rewards online distributors with more cash for hosting commercials.

At last, ATMChain sounds like a comparable initiative to the Brave program and the Basic Attention Token (BAT). You can take an interest in the ATMChain crowdsale by visiting The crowdsale is planned to begin on August 8.

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