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ATLANT Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Atlant means to be the world’s real estate blockchain platform. Find out how the one of a kind platform professes to work today in our review.

What is Atlant?

Atlant, found online at, is a blockchain technology that plans to upset the worldwide real estate industry.  Generally, Atlant needs to enable users “to invest, lease, [and] exchange” real estate. The company introduces its idea by saying,

“You can buy and offer parts of a company by trading stocks, so for what reason can’t the equivalent be valid for real estate? What’s more, why not rapidly? Anyplace on the planet? For not as much as some espresso?

With Atlant, you can do those things. Atlant allows for the straightforward and fluid trading of private and business properties. All transactions occur on a decentralized exchange, and users can dodge the problem of dealing with the enactment in every locale. It diminishes the boundaries to section.

Atlant tokenizes real estate, allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio regardless of whether you don’t have enough cash to state, buy a house and a place of business in two different parts of the world. These tokens are transferable through the Atlant marketplace.

atlant homepage

How Does Atlant Work?

Atlant is a blockchain-based platform that encourages the exchange of tokenized real estate. Much the same as you would exchange stocks or values, Atlant allows you to exchange real estate.

Properties are recorded on the distributed ledger (the Atlant blockchain). Users can make transactions on this ledger – they can tokenize their real estate and offer it available to be purchased, for instance.

However, that is by all account not the only piece of Atlant: the company is additionally developing a hotel and loft rental framework. Right now, hotel sites and booking sites (like AirBnB) take expansive, twofold digit commissions from tenants and rentees. It’s an exorbitant and inefficient framework. Instead of charging 30%, Atlant plans to charge only 3%. They’re reducing costs by eliminating the go between – the blockchain is the go between.

“Real estate has been inaccessible to the majority for a really long time; it’s time to open it up to whatever remains of the world. Be a piece of the platform that will democratize and decentralize property ownership as we know it.”

In the present framework, one owner buys a property. If you’re buying a $500,000 home, at that point you have to exchange $500,000 to the property holder, and the mortgage holder gives you the deed consequently. Atlant plans to tokenize real estate. So instead of purchasing a home for $500,000, you can partake in the real estate industry by owning an offer of a home.

There are two key components to this framework. Every component is intended to address two diligent issues in real estate:

Tokenized Ownership:

Atlant will list real estate tokens that each speak to shares in individual real estate assets. These tokens can be exchanged a straightforward and fluid route through the Atlant marketplace, allowing for productive price disclosure and a more proficient real estate market.

P2P Rentals:

Atlant offers significantly lessened fees for both the inhabitant and lessor, along with minimized plausibility of phony reviews and deceitful ratings – something that diseases hotel booking sites and other convenience look services.

atlant platform

Atlant Features

Clearly, Atlant has some aggressive goals to upset the real estate industry. How precisely does Atlant plan to do that? The site as of now explains some fundamental features of the platform:


Assset ownerships and rental understandings are ensured by blockchain technology. This technology gives a decentralized, permanent, hack-proof, and sealed store of records.

Price Discovery:

Real estate assets are tokenized and openly tradeable on digital asset exchanges, which guarantees price straightforwardness and revelation.


Investments are denominated in separable tokens, which allows users to diversify their asset holdings and invest in a scope of assets – regardless of whether they don’t have a lot of capital. Invest in a part of a high rise in Dallas, for instance, while additionally dipping your toe into Melbourne’s rural private real estate market.


Atlant plans to make the real estate market more fluid than any time in recent memory. With Atlant, buyers and merchants can exchange property tokens without causing generous changes in asset prices. It’s a fluid situation where dealers can undoubtedly modify their portfolio or acclimate to changing patterns.

Low Fees:

Atlant for all intents and purposes eliminates overhead, which implies users pay generously lower commissions on buys and rental transactions, the two of which are prepared by means of smart contracts.


Transaction settlements and ratings are affirmed on the blockchain and can’t be modified after creation to eliminate question and enhance real estate market effectiveness. It’s a hack-proof, carefully designed store of records.

About Atlant

The idea for Atlant first rose in December 2016. By June, the company had made a model of the Atlant DAO.

Before one year from now’s over, Atlant would like to dispatch its P2P rental service and cooperate with government blockchains. By 2024, they want to be in charge of 5% of worldwide real estate transactions.

The company is driven by CEO and Co-Founder Julian Svirsky, CFO and Co-Founder Neil Mohinani, and CTO and Co-Founder Denis Donin. The three have combined many years of financial industry encounter, while Donin has 5+ years of blockchain and cryptocurrency development encounter.

atlant pass

President and Team

First thing in addressing any project is to separate the team. Also, I am stressed at a first look as everybody in the team is in the banking industry generally. We just have one fellow benefactor who has involvement in blockchain which is Denis Donin. What’s more, we just have one individual who has cost in real estate. This current team’s range of abilities would be best used in my opinion if they focus on the market as a Reit.

Blockchain Aspect and Business Model

Atlant is looking to fabricate a decentralized ADEX exchange in view of Ethereum smart contracts. Which implies they are looking to make relatively like Airbnb site where individuals can lease property. However these property’s are picked by and created by the atlant team and recorded on their site for lease. The measure of property income is then partitioned up into the Atlant coin as showed:

This idea is a mixture between an Airbnb and Reit business model.

My Opinion on whats good with the Project

Their isn’t much rivalry in the real estate blockchain business as their are just 3 organizations who are looking to have an effect. With Atlant being one of the first its in a golden opportunity to get a major advantage over its opposition. However contrasted with the other 2 competitors is a long ways behind. All together for Atlant to wind up effective it should be the best at one specific region in the real estate market. I for one feel like with the team gave if they stuck a Reit business idea they could find accomplishment in the blockchain business however they are going to some degree a different defeat.

How To Buy ATL?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy Exrates. Well, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy ATL. First of all, you will need to find exchanges where you will be able to buy ATL. At the moment, you can make use of exchanges like OkEx, ForkDelta, Mercatox, YoBit and Exrates to buy ATL.

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