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Apex Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Apex Token Fund?

There are such huge numbers of funds in the investment community today. Sometimes, investors wish they could invest in different funds all the while. Thus the making of a “fund of funds”, or a FOF, as an investment vehicle.

Pinnacle Token Fund depicts itself as “the world’s first crypto-focused, tokenized Fund-of-Funds (FOF) investment vehicle.”

The fund gives investors access to a diversified arrangement of best investment systems executed by the present leading crypto hedge funds. By diversifying your investments over different funds, you can moderate hazard while maximizing returns.

With Apex Token Fund, you’re not simply diversifying hazard by investing in various digital currencies; you’re diversifying hazard by investing in different cryptocurrency investment systems. A few procedures in view of sentiment. Others exchange in light of specialized investigation. Some simply track the market. You can invest in this “fund of funds” by buying a single APEX token, which speaks to an offer of the fund.

Apex homepage

How Does Apex Token Fund Work?

You can buy into the Apex Token Fund by purchasing APEX tokens, which are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The makers of the FOF tokenized the fund for liquidity purposes. By tokenizing their FOF, investments can be fluid on day 1, while a run of the mill hedge fund requires a multi-year lockup period.

The tokenization of the fund likewise democratizes access to it. Today, some leading hedge funds require minimum investments of $10 at least million. Pinnacle Token Fund, in the interim, requires the buy of only a single APEX token.

The FOF portfolio will be sold out on the town between 24 and three years after issuance, with capital gains relatively distributed to APEX token holders.

Peak Token Fund Strategies

Specific fund methodologies can be found in the Apex Token Fund whitepaper. The company records a projected example of procedures that includes the greater part of the following:

Buy/Hold (Concentrated): Large investments in few high potential assets.

Buy/Hold (Diverse): Investments in numerous assets diversified in light of market top and division.

Sentiment: Active trading on industry and segment news, patterns, and industry connections.

Quantitative: Active trading using specialized examination on price developments and history.

Arbitrage: Trading in light of price disparities from inefficient markets.

Token Sales: Early stage token sale investing in industry leading projects.

Wander and Active: Deep specialized investigations and dynamic involvement in beginning time projects.

Generally, Apex Token Fund’s essential goal, according to the whitepaper, is “to apply hazard administration principles by diversifying investments with an end goal to lessen instability.”

The reason for this “blending” of procedures is to diversify chance in light of different market conditions. Clearly, diversification is an awesome method to relieve chance in customary investments. However, diversification among tokens isn’t as compelling, because outside components can cause the whole industry to rise and fall (say, if a whole nation bans cryptocurrency). To alleviate these hazard factors, Apex Token Fund will invest in an assortment of techniques that exchange in view of internal elements (like forks and organizations together) and outer variables (new direction, endeavor reception, and so on.).

Apex Ecosystem

By what means Will Apex Keep the Fund Secure?

Clearly, Apex Token Fund isn’t the main company that tries to make an Ethereum-based investment fund. Infamous projects like The DAO have looked for comparable objectives – just for a colossal measure of funds to be stolen because of flawed shrewd contracts.

In what capacity will Apex Token Fund keep this from happening?

Summit Token Fund asserts that its token “is intentionally intended to be basic, solid, and impervious to malignant on-screen characters.”

The company has joined forces with Zeppelin Solutions, a blockchain security firm, to make the brilliant contract. Zeppelin has already secured $450 million in token sales (including Brave, Augur, and Golem).

Private keys controlling the APEX token savvy contract and the fund’s assets under administration will be isolated and kept in geologically distributed icy storage frameworks. These keys will be recouped just when a majority of representatives is available.

Tomorrow, the APEX blockchain project will open their ICO to whitelisting for people in general Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This project has indeed gained a lot of consideration as of late as it has extended its team.

Situated in China, this team has an extremely interesting incentive as they endeavor to handle the hostile of data proprietorship online. This has been incredibly critical as of late the same number of have disagreed with unified data accumulation strategies.

Summit needs to give the energy of consumer data back to the consumer. They need to permit the consumer the chance to monetise their data straightforwardly and remove the energy of data gathering from incorporated powers and place them on the blockchain.

This is no uncertainty an interesting offer given the level of ill will there is nowadays to tracking consumers online.

We will investigate the ICO and determine whether it could be considered a decent investment.

Outline of Industry

As of now, the way that consumer data is gathered is through extensive unified organizations that obtain this data from you when you consent to it in the Terms and Conditions.

For instance, when you join to a long range interpersonal communication site, for example, Facebook, you need to consent to their terms of use. This implies they are permitted to gather information on your Facebook exercises.

So also, when you join to a website that requests your own information, they are asking you to defer any rights that you may have to that data. This is regularly gathered in mass and sold on to outsiders at a benefit.

The present strategies for gathering isn’t just an issue for the consumers but is additionally of worry to the buyers of the data. There is frequently almost no oversight they may have as to where this data originated from. Sometimes the data that is sold is of terrible quality and very little use to the company.

In addition, there are controls that are en route that will introduce stricter laws with regards to collecting individual data. For instance, on the 25th of May the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be introduced which will put restricts on the sale and gathering of individual data.

Apex services

Enter the APEX Solution

Pinnacle intends to change the fundamental stream and structure of consumer driven data. They are building a Business to Consumer (B2C) platform that will enable the consumers to offer their data straightforwardly to the Business themselves.

Actually, the consumers will use the CPX wallet application and will interact with the Brands and businesses there. They will have full control over their data and also where it will be used and who can buy it.

When they have concluded that they are open to selling their data to a specific brand, they are then ready to get remunerated in CPX tokens. These tokens will enable these consumers to either buy rewards or offer them on the open market through a trade.

All the more significantly, there are no agents or data collecting services with full straightforwardness. The consumer will have the capacity to see precisely where their data is used and the business itself can see where it has originated from.

NEXUS Platform

The project will begin off as a cross breed blend between on and off-chain arrangements. The esteem exchange and consent will be taken care of on-chain. For the present, the NEXUS platform will be used for off-chain data investigation activities. This will be the undertaking customer application for the businesses.

This platform, which was created by Chinapex, has effectively substantiated itself as an existing undertaking arrangement with more than 250 customers making use of it. It will enable the brands to dissect the data that they have gained and all the more properly channel for the data that could be of interest to them.

The NEXUS platform is based over the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing infrastructure. These customers will likewise be permitted to interface with the NEXUS API to such an extent that they can use their own particular internal frameworks in conjunction with the devices on NEXUS.

Consumer App (CPX Wallet)

On the consumer side, you have the consumer application. This will be a versatile application that will enable the consumers to interact with the APEX ecosystem and control their data and screen where and when it is being used.

It will likewise be the manner by which the consumer will win the CPX tokens. These will accumulate after some time in light of which brands are using the data. The more brands that the consumer offer consent to then the more tokens that they will win.

They are likewise ready to use the application to find those brands that they might want to give information to and enable them to get to specific data and additionally connect with them in a specific manner.

As far as commitment, brands are likewise ready to send interested consumers information and offers through the immediate messaging usefulness. At the point when these consumers open the message or interact somehow, they are again remunerated with the tokens.

NEO Blockchain

With regards to the consent by the consumers and in addition the CPX Tokens that are given to the consumers for said data, they will all be added to the NEO blockchain and the trade will be executed by keen contracts.

This is awesome from a straightforwardness and reporting standpoint. It implies that the affirmation of consent from the consumer is logged and put away in a changeless manner on the decentralized blockchain.

Blockchain technology likewise eliminates the requirement for any intermediary or unified office to encourage the exchange of that data for the tokens. The code is likewise accessible for general visibility additionally adds to the straightforwardness of the protocol.

The NEO blockchain is additionally an exceptionally productive decision for APEX. There are various advantages of NEO when compared to comparative blockchain protocols.

Solid Backers and Partners

Like other solid ICO projects, for example, Coinfirm AMLT and Power Ledger, there is as of now a built up and effective company that is behind the APEX ICO. In this case the company is Chinapex which is situated in Beijing, China.

Chinapex is an extensive data and technology company which has workplaces in Silicon Valley and additionally a satellite office in Hong Kong. Customers that have been on their program include BMW, Standard Chartered and Casio.

Accordingly, a large portion of the team driving the APEX ICO are individuals who have broad involvement in the business. Some have great continues that include past managers, for example, Microsoft and Alibaba.

There are additionally an awesome number of organizations that the APEX project has just piled on. For instance, they have amassed a lot of free credits from Azure and AWS with a specific end goal to send their off-chain arrangement in NEXUS.

They have additionally utilized this relationship with the end goal that they can bring more brands onto the platform. For instance, AWS will give APEX brands from various different segments. There is a comparable assention like this set up for Alibaba cloud.

Apex investors

There are additionally various different organizations with a portion of the greatest names in technology in China. These include coordinated efforts with organizations, for example, Baidu, Oracle, Tencent and WeChat.

Consequently, there is most likely that once the APEX project is live, it will get down to business.

Potential Concerns

There are few worries that one can raise with respect to the use case for APEX. Initially, despite the fact that the exchange of significant worth is taking spot on the blockchain in a decentralized way, the data is as yet retained in a brought together cloud infrastructure.

This implies despite the fact that funds are protected from hacks and institutions, user information is as yet accessible in a brought together area. There is additionally a main issue of disappointment that the framework should depend on. Numerous individuals think that securing user data on the blockchain is most secure long haul choice.

There is additionally a couple of inquiries that have been raised with regards to the incentives for specific businesses to use the services. If consumer data is just intended to be imparted to those organizations that they trust, at that point that forgets an entire swathe of potential data users.

The main reason that a significant number of these organizations will buy this data is because these are consumers who don’t know about their items and services yet. Consequently, they will most likely be unable to break through to these users if they are just getting the data of those that know the company.

Another worry that was raised is that blockchain technology may not be the most productive answer for GDPR consistence. This is best contended in this article on csonline. Thus, one can think about how well the NEO blockchain will function for these methods.

Pinnacle ICO Specifics

The ICO has effectively finished a fruitful presale yet the whitelisting for people in general sale begins tomorrow the fifteenth of January at 5pm. The following is more information about the project.

Apex mechanism

How To Buy APEX?

There are various questions that arise in the mind of a reader and one of them is How to buy APEX. Well, if you are looking for how to buy APEX then you will need to read this section carefully. In this section, we will help you out to find the right exchange where you will be able to buy the token easily. There are various reputable exchanges that are not in the list at the moment. However, you can take a look at to find the right one for your needs.

Here you have list of safe and secure exchanges where you can buy Apex:

Exchanges List


The APEX ICO is no uncertainty an interesting project with a generally solid use case. The way that there is as of now a solid company and team behind the ICO adds more weight and certainty to it.

Additionally, given that they have interesting associations with countless implies that they have a lot of “buy in” from industry heavyweights.

In spite of the way that blockchain technology may not the most effective for implementing GDPR, the use of the NEO ecosystem is indeed a solid factor given the various innovative points of interest of NEO.

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