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All Public Art Review – ICO Guide

A large number of us probably won’t know, but the issue of fake art is very enormous within the present artistic community. Lately, numerous cases of phony paintings being sold for over the top sums have surfaced.

Additionally, now it ought to likewise be said that the online art market is quickly growing at a rate of around 24% for every annum. Because of this colossal development, numerous specialists foresee that the estimation of this market will develop to around $9.58 billion by 2020.

What Is All Public Art

All Public Art is a “crypto platform” that is intended to help approve the legitimacy of various bits of art, and furthermore track their sales history with the goal that potential investors can make certain of what they are buying.

Likewise, APA additionally intends to encourage sustainability of the worldwide art community by:

Supporting the art market

Allowing for artist-to-gatherer trading by means of the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts

Through the formation of such an ecosystem, the art market can flourish, and artists can get what they really merit for their manifestations.

all public art homepage

A portion of the key regions which All Public Art intends to address include:

Community Support:

Using this platform artists, dealers, gatherers and consumers can meet up and share their work, interface with each other, or essentially share thoughts and perspectives.

Elimination of Scams:

One of the main parts of APA is its capacity to help lessen fake art in the market. This is done fundamentally through the use of present day identification techniques (RFID labels) and certain blockchain tracking advances.


Another essential territory which All Public Art addresses is that of creating a straightforward ecosystem. Despite the fact that the use of APA, customers can gain access to services, for example, :

Publicly auditable transactions

Reasonable Trade mechanisms that can execute transactions between artists, dealers, gatherers

Exchange Quality:

A neglected feature of APA is its capacity to increase the nature of the exchange procedure by “eliminating the part of a sales intermediary”. This basically implies transactions can happen specifically between investors and makers, without the need of a bartering house, art gallery and so on.

New Technology Implementation:

By means of the use of certain “Use Protocols”, up coming artists can undoubtedly enter the exchange market, and offer their manifestations at a reasonable/just price.

Worldwide Connectivity:

One of the greatest favorable circumstances of using All Public Art is that investors and artists from all over the globe can undoubtedly interface with each other, without the need of any go betweens. What’s more, the platform likewise fills in as an incredible display apparatus for easygoing art overs.


With blockchain technology, the tenets are autonomously proposed and discussed, in this way, the use of smart contracts empowers the art buyer and dealer to trust the technology instead of relying on each other or an outsider to organize the arrangement.

On the All Public Art blockchain, all of the transactions are public (not the character of the buyers or venders) and can’t be adjusted in any route once on the blockchain.

Decentralization is the way toward redistributing or dispersing capacities, powers, individuals or things from a focal area or specialist. This suited to the art world by empowering the artists and art gatherers to lead their own particular transactions.

Individuals send artists AllPublicArt tokens as a methods for help on All Public Art or different platforms.

\all public art market

About The Mobile App

All Public Art’s mobile app was propelled in 2015, and since its business release has assembled great reviews from numerous art specialists and enthusiasts. Using this app, users can get to features, for example,

Community Interaction:

All platform users can interface with each other (by means of IM) in a consistent, bother free way.

Review Option:

Users have an alternative to review various bits of art however the simple snap of a button. What’s more, the engineers of this app have additionally urged users to approach and prescribe changes in order to improve the overall usability of this platform

Follow Artists:

The APA mobile application fills in as a social device where users can follow their most loved artists, and thus remain fully informed regarding their most recent manifestations.

Peruse Through Creations:

It additionally fills in as an impeccable browsing instrument since it allows us to look at thousands of paintings, figures and so on.


The app gives us a chance to remain in the know regarding all of the happenings within the universe of art and outline. Not just that, we can likewise buy in to notifications that educate us concerning art related occasions that may happen in and around our vicinity.


The All Public Art app is allowed to use, and can be downloaded from the company site by all interested individuals.

all public art app

All Public Art Token Sale Details

According to the official company whitepaper, an aggregate of 800 million AllPublicArt tokens will be made. Out of this figure, close to 400,000,000 APA tokens will be sold during the crowdsale occasion. It ought to likewise be noticed that incase an aggregate of 400,000,000 APA’s are not sold before the last sale date, the remaining money will be scorched.

Token Allocation Scheme (according to the company site):

38% (152,000,000 tokens) will be allocated for All Public Art team individuals and consultants

2% (8,000,000 AllPublicArt tokens) will be allocated for token sale incentives and openings

60% (240,000,000 AllPublicArt tokens) will be saved for platform incentives and partnerships with institutions and associations.

Fund Allocation Plan:

half of all income will be used for advance platform development

25% of all accumulations will be set aside to advance marketing endeavors.

15% of the funds will go towards bolstering company tasks

The remaining 10% will be used to take care of for legitimate expenses and costs.

For any further inquiries, customers are asked for to connect with company authorities by means of the email address outlined on the ‘contact us’ page.

all public art goals

About the Project

APA is going to have a considerable effect on the art market on account of a somewhat robust and P2P (shared) trading platform which shall use technology in view of the blockchain. This is intended to put a conclusion to counterfeiting and additionally to lessen the control abilities of intermediary parties. These are negative impacts which have tormented the industry for long a very long time to come.

The APA platform has actually been open as far back as 2015. It has figured out how to bring together an exceptionally energetic community, on account of which it is as of now situated to helpfully dominate the online art market which is booking and it is growing with a rate of 24% every year.

all public art roadmap

There are a ton of features of the platform but probably the most dependable and integral ones include:

Simple Communication

Because of technology which depends on the blockchain, smart contracts are set up and are proposed and imparted in an autonomous way. The merchant or the buyer could and ought to entrust the conclusion of the arrangement because it depends on a strong innovative principal instead of on an outsider.

Finish Transparency

This is something else that you should remember. The points of interest of the transaction are made public and they can’t be controlled. The characters of the gatherer and the artist can remain private, obviously.


The framework is just going to allow the remarkable IDs of the authority and the artist to be followed. Their own information, then again, shall remain altogether anonymous. This is going to help the security of the transaction.

Steady Community

The individuals who partake in the ICO will have the capacity to effectively gift their tokens or to exchange them on the public exchange. This is going to give brisk liquidity to their money, guaranteeing that everything is taken care of according to the highest benchmarks.

As should be obvious, there are many advantages that are coming along with the APA platform and it’s definitely something very exciting for individuals who are involved in the field.

all public art team

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