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AirSwap Review – Exchange Guide

AirSwap, discovered online at, is another token exchange project based on Ethereum.

Find out how it works today in our review.

What is AirSwap?

AirSwap is a decentralized exchange planned starting from the earliest stage in light of protection and security. The company means to give customers worldwide, distributed trading without any intermediaries and no trading fees.

The Hong Kong-based company is making headlines for partnering with previous Fortress hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz, who consented to join the leading group of counsels. The understanding was made on October 4, in spite of the fact that the news wasn’t freely uncovered until October 16.

The guide position follows Novogratz’s reported plan to dispatch a $500 million advanced resources fund through his firm, Galaxy Investment Partners.

AirSwap is a joint endeavor with Consensys, best known for being one of the leading engineers behind Ethereum.

We should take a more critical take a gander at how AirSwap works to perceive how they plan to differentiate themselves from different exchanges.

airswap homepage

How Does AirSwap Work?

AirSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that professes to put a greater accentuation on protection, security, and authoritative straightforwardness than different exchanges:


Decentralization ensures you and your benefits. While brought together exchanges are liable to assaults, AirSwap places you responsible for your advantages. Barely any individuals prescribe holding coins at a brought together exchange. AirSwap evades that issue while as yet allowing you to appreciate the advantages of an exchange.


Traditional exchanges go about as an intermediary. They take a charge in exchange for facilitating an exchange between two individuals. AirSwap, however, has faith in shared esteem exchange technology, and they’re developing “an all around available, rubbing free esteem network, supporting private and secure exchange between peers,” considering that goal.


AirSwap was planned from the beginning considering decentralization. While existing exchanges endure front-running and race conditions, AirSwap was worked in light of decency.

The whole platform is based on the Swap protocol, which is a shared protocol for trading Ethereum tokens.

Basically, Swap means to offer a solid option in contrast to customary cryptocurrency exchanges. The Swap protocol includes features for off-chain negotiation and on-chain settlement. Using the protocol, gatherings can flag to others their intent to exchange tokens. Once associated, counterparties openly impart prices and transmit orders among themselves. All through this procedure, gatherings can ask for prices from an independent outsider prophet to verify precision.

In the mean time, a smart contract is used to dispatch arranges on the Ethereum blockchain.

Here’s the manner by which the designers depict Swap in the whitepaper:

“The Swap protocol serves a growing interest for a decentralized resource exchange on the Ethereum network. Blockchain-based request books, while novel and certainly within the ethos of our ecosystem, have constraints that we accept eventually make it difficult for them to contend with right now available unified arrangements. Swap gives a method that is both decentralized and unaffected by these restrictions.”

The final product of Swap’s protocol is that members can gain access to liquidity in an adaptable, private, and reasonable path without sacrificing access to incredible pricing. At the end of the day, they can maintain responsibility for computerized tokens while as yet accessing the liquidity of a high-volume cryptocurrency exchange.

The protocol and APIs are extensible too, and the designers urge the community to fabricate applications on the platform.

The AirSwap Token Sale

The AirSwap ICO was planned for October 10 to November 10. However, the company rapidly sold out of tokens from the get-go in the sale.

The token sale stood out as truly newsworthy after an investor attempted to buy an extensive number of AirSwap tokens. The buy went poorly because the tokens had officially sold out. However, the buyer still needed to pay the $80,000 transaction expense to the Ethereum network. The investor was attempting to send 1,700 Ether, worth about $574,000 at current exchange rates.

“The exchange fizzled because the sale had effectively sold out,” AirSwap said in an announcement, as revealed by CNBC. “We appreciate such solid interest in our token dispatch, which included investment by more than 9,400 token buyers representing 135 nations around the globe.”

Who’s Behind AirSwap?

AirSwap is driven by fellow benefactors Michael Oved and Don Mosites. The company is situated in Hong Kong. Oved is a veteran algorithm broker with involvement with trading firm Virtu. He’s an alum of Carnegie Mellon, originally from Los Angeles.

Wear Mosites, then, is a serial business person, item fashioner, and full stack engineer with over a time of experience building items for Google, Zynga, and different organizations. He’s additionally a Carnegie Mellon graduate.

Notwithstanding previous Wall Street hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz, the company’s guides include Joseph Lubin (fellow benefactor of Ethereum and author/CEO of ConsenSys), Brock Pierce (Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, among different positions), George Mueller, and other significant names from over the community.

Wallet Compatibility

AirSwap is perfect with MetaMask or Ledger wallets. For connecting with MetaMask, a user will get a fly up approval message that appears for them to sign and they will be prepared to exchange. Signing the approval message affirms that they control the account and different associates will have the capacity to confide in them for who they say they are.

For Ledger users, they first arrange their gadget with the program support and afterward set the contract dataset to empowered. They would then be able to choose the Ledger wallet to choose their wallet. They are then ready to sign a message on their Ledger and they will be prepared to exchange on the platform once that is approved.

It is additionally good with Trezor hardware wallet.

Different perspectives

The DEX does not list any tokens but rather allows individuals to find a counterparty for trading an assortment of advantages. Users can indicate the measure of gas they might want to spend on the network. This is the expense gathered by miners to process transactions. The sum chosen influences the time the exchange endures on the network before it is approved.

Definitely, the speed increases with the increase in the measure of gas paid. Once the transaction is finished, a win indicator appears on the link. The individuals who offer get “Wrapped” ether and can unwrap it.

How it works

The AirSwap token fills in as a token for market producers on the DEX. Producers, who are liquidity suppliers, offer the offer price or the sum that they would need to exchange their benefit for. Anybody can be a liquidity supplier on AirSwap DEX, essentially by signaling that they need to do this. Signaling sum is 100 AST and locking this sum qualifies you for flag 10 exchanges. The liquidity takers will acknowledge the offer price. On AirSwap, they don’t pay anything to find offers from producers. Revelation is through the information from the AirSwap Oracle, AirSwap Indexer, or by means of Ethereum smart contract.

On the site, click “Make exchanges” button and you are coordinated to a page that allows you to buy or offer on the web. Select the important button to find buyers or dealers for different tokens. You can type in the kind of token you need to exchange in the wake of selecting Buy or Sell by clicking the significant buttons.

AirSwap (AST) Protocol Review: Competitors&Risks

AirSwap is a novel protocol, and we trust that it’s approach to decentralized shared trading is awesome. However, AirSwap has indirect competitors that are aiming to bring decentralized exchanges and trading to the majority. A portion of the competitors below despite the fact that they differ in a mechanical approach appear to have a comparable mission and wish to bring decentralized trading to the normal investor.

* Kyber Network

* OX project

* Bancor

* Waves

* Binance

AirSwap (AST) Exchange Review: Investment Analysis

All through our research, we were awed with the diligent work ethic of the AirSwap team. With experienced counsels available to them and vital organizations as of now formed.We feel certain that the AirSwap team will meet it’s guide goals and turn into a fundamental platform to consider for dealers and investors. With the present token price esteemed well below the ICO price, we feel this may speak to a brilliant buying opportunity for those interested in the project.


AirSwap appear to have made a platform that does the unthinkable: the company allows brokers to finish P2P exchanges a protected situation, while as yet allowing dealers to retain access to their digital forms of money all through the transaction procedure. Basically, you get the advantages of a LocalBitcoins-style transaction (you retain responsibility for funds while as yet being ready to take an interest in trading) with the advantages of a cryptocurrency exchange (you can get to a substantial market of brokers at reasonable prices).

Clearly, the AirSwap ICO was hugely effective, and the way that the company brought previous hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz on board is a major ordeal (in spite of the fact that the company as of now has various high-profile guides to its name). You can find out additional about the company today at

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