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Airforce mining: Solution to Eco-friendly Mining

Mining is an activity that is very common in the world of cryptocurrency. This act helps the miners to get some extra revenue and benefits from the investors. However, it consumes a lot of energy which is proportional to that of the entire state and sometimes country as well. So, you can say a lot of energy is being drained when such an action is performed. This is a huge concern which needs to be addressed on priority as it would lead to a lot of resource wastage. Since we are in the digital world, it would not difficult to find new alternatives to save such resources and get some alternatives in place. So, let us look at the alternatives that would work in the favor of humankind.

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What is Airforce Mining?

Airforce Mining is an activity which helps the investors to get more revenue for their disposal. But Airforce Mining is a lot different than the regular mining of cryptocurrency. The traditional method of mining has a huge drawback with energy consumption and Airforce Mining takes care of it with ease. The platform for Airforce Mining runs all its mining and other operations on a renewable energy source. This means that all the energy used would be generated back with some of the other methods. The profit output is also increased as the regular profits are shared and split between the new equipment and the holders of the tokens. This cycle keeps the ball rolling and increasing the profits.

what is airforce mining

Brain Behind Airforce Mining

The brain behind Airforce Mining is of the CEO and Founder Nathaniel Gammage who has an overall experience of innovative business and has a vision for sustainable energy which works with blockchain technology. This helps the planet from environmental issues and gives the business an economic freedom from the recurring expenses. These expenses are something which is a regular and basic need such as electricity. The team at Airforce Mining is very polished and has a vision for the future. The Technical Director of the company is none other than Richard Kowalsky who also has his own company with a CEO position in it. His forte comes from the alternative energy sources as his background is in grid energy supply and automation. He knows well how to harness the power from alternate energy and is the best person at work.

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The person who heads the cryptocurrency and token administration along with ICO management is Brodie Ashcroft. With immense knowledge of cryptocurrency and trading skills, Brodie leaves no stone unturned to get the desired results. This is also seen with the complementary skills showcased while at work by Broadie. In any business, long-term relationships are a must to keep the business flowing in. This is well taken care of by Jonathan Gammage who takes care of digital marketing and knows the job well. The last leg in the Airforce Mining is Joshua Ashcroft, who is the construction and expansion manager and has a lifetime of experience in this genre. He leads project teams and supports a business which runs profits in multi-million dollars. We cannot forget the advisors of Airforce Mining who ensure that the business development, technology, and the operations run smoothly. This is headed by Danny Valdez.

Airforce Mining has set all its parameters and already owns multiple lands in the rural areas of Queensland, Australia and there is no doubt that the project would also start there itself. The land has the perfect geographical benefits and features to produce electricity for the project. This is the main part of the project which is sorted and the next areas are already been worked upon. The partnerships are in place with the specialists in electrical and automation industry. The other areas of expertise are logistics and importing for all sorts of materials. All this and much more have been taken care of by the team at Airforce Mining.

Problem Areas of Mining

Mining as an activity has a major drawback for power usage. It consumes a whole lot of power for the mining done to generate more cryptocurrency. This energy can be used for many better projects and uses. This is not seen by other cryptocurrency project heads. Keeping the environment safe is also a basic responsibility for corporates. Once this energy is used, it is not coming back as it is not renewable and the sources used for it are also feeling the pressure when mining as an activity starts.

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Responsibility Airforce Mining Takes Up

Airforce Mining has taken this responsibility of saving the energy that such cryptocurrency projects waste. It ensures that the sources used for generating electricity and other energy is a renewable one. This means that the amount of energy consumed would be regenerated keeping the pressure on energy companies to an all-time low. It would also mean that the more energy consumed the more would it generate for the project. It is a passion to give the world on what you take and this passion is seen among Airforce Mining team. It is a green solution tag that they have been rewarded by the users and is also a USP for their project marketing. Generating energy for your own use is not a simple task and is already being done by Airforce Mining. All their sources for energy creation are 100% renewable. During a power cut, the platform for Airforce Mining would not be impacted at all as the source is completely different and would be a benefit to all the users.

Airforce Mining has clearly mentioned in their whitepaper that there is a huge dependency on the environment for fossil fuels which is harmful to the planet. This is the reason it pitches for complete renewable resources while doing cryptocurrency mining. They are not at all happy with the current system in place for mining and wish to change it completely.

Sources of Renewable Energy Airforce Mining Uses

Airforce Mining has a complete setup for mining activities and uses its own energy created by renewable sources to power the mining equipment. This mining of cryptocurrency is a great way get maximum profits. But while doing this mining activity, the energy used should be renewed so that it does not impact the environment. The sources used are wind turbines, hydropower, and solar power in combination. Wind turbines are huge and move with the heavy winds and turn the propeller blades connected to the rotor moving them around it. This spins the generator attached on the rotor in the main shaft and produces electricity.

In a hydropower, a turbine is used and takes the kinetic energy which is available in any falling water. This kinetic energy is now turned into mechanical energy which is again connected to a generator. All this process is converted into electricity. Solar panels have photovoltaic cells which capture sunlight in a direct current (DC) format. This DC electricity can be converted into alternating current (AC) which is AC electricity to be stored for future use. All these procedures help Airforce Mining to save electricity while they create it for self-consumption. It is a great method and concept to keep your environment safe and secure for the future generations.

How Does Airforce Mining Work?

Mining helps the company to generate profits. But the same profit also goes into paying electricity for the consumption happened for mining cryptocurrency. Since Airforce Mining has its own energy production, it becomes cheaper for them to mine more and more currency. This also reduces the cost of electricity and other power usages which increases the profit margin. There is no need for paying electricity cost and it saves a lot of money.

AFX is the token which Airforce Mining uses for all its operations. These AFX tokens are stored in the AFX wallet which is specifically used for such storage purposes. When you have AFX tokens you start to receive distributed cryptocurrency which is specific to Ethereum. These token holders receive a part of the distributed crypto which is mined. It helps them to earn a passive income without doing anything apart from holding the AFX.

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Profit Usage

Profits for such a mining activity is definite. But the way this profit shall be used is a different ball game altogether. Since the makers at Airforce Mining are so involved in environmental safety, they have the same approach with their profit usage. The first distribution of profit would be divided among the holders of AFX tokens. The mining infrastructure would need some upkeep and development. The makers have decided to invest the earned profits up to 30% into the mining infrastructure. This would ensure that the mining potential is enhanced and helps in continuous growth of the Airforce Mining as a company. 50% of the profits would be distributed to the token holders and the remaining 10% each would be distributed among the core team of Airforce Mining and service and maintenance.

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More on AFX and ICO

As we all know that the AFX would be stored in AFX wallets and the profits that are earned would also be credited in the same wallet but in the form of ETH which can be used anytime. The launch of ICO is on 1st May 2018 and the minimum investment during this time would be for 0.1 ETH and the value of AFX token would be at 0.20 cents. The team at Airforce Mining expects the value of the token to rise exponentially due to the concept. The project is expected to expand in the future and the tokens purchased now at a lesser value would be giving you better profits then. The listing of AFX tokens would be done at Etherdelta once the initial coin sale is over. This should see more inflow later as well. You may trade the AFX tokens at any point in time as there is no staking time for it. So, make use of AFX wallet to the core and stake the tokens as much which is a simple process just like storing AFX in the wallet is.

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Airforce Mining Advantages

The most advantageous point of Airforce Mining is the renewable source of energy creation it does. This is the biggest leakage in any business environment and there is no solution to it. Airforce Mining ensures that you as a user, need not setup your hardware for mining and incur a huge cost for it. It would also take more of energy in your cost and make it expensive for you. As the generation of energy is automatic at Airforce Mining, make use of it to mine as much you desire without worrying about the cost. Most commercial mining companies shell out a huge cost each month for the use of energy for mining activity which is a basic requirement. However, it is not a necessity at Airforce Mining and saves your major share to increase its profits. The other expenses such as overheads will be minimal as there is no or bear minimum renting and the other related expenses goes down. The mining staff is also reduced which makes it easy to control things automatically.

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The blockchain technology has got a new environment-friendly approach thanks to the Airforce Mining technique. It uses the renewable energy which powers the mining equipment. The cost of the project is at minimal which helps it to increase its profits. The potential is huge and it will be improved in the future as the strategy is planned to invest a huge portion of profits back into the infrastructure to generate more energy with time. This is also necessary as the number of users would increase with time. This is a great opportunity for people who wish to invest in green projects and gain from mining activity for ETH. The best part is that the token holders in the initial years would get a portion of the profits back for holding the AFX tokens in the future. So, get your share of AFX tokens in the upcoming ICO.

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