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Is AirBitz Wallet A Secure Platform

Airbitz wallet was founded back in 2013 by William Swanson, Scott Morgan, Tim Horton and Damian Cutillo. The headquarters of company are in San Diego, CA. However, like most cryptocurrency wallets it is also a privately held company. Airbitz wallet is a software application which is capable of storing both public and private keys and integrating them with several block chains with the results that users can receive and send digital coins and monitor the available balance on their accounts. These wallets are important for digital devices integral to the use of any one of the available cryptocurrencies.

AirBitz 2

However, unlike traditional wallets, the digital wallets don’t actually store currency. However, for bitcoins and other digital currencies, the coins neither get stored in any specific location like usual currencies nor do they exist anywhere as tangible objects. So, here is your most concerning matter, Is Airbitz legit?

The Airbitz Wallet is a decentralized bitcoin wallet which enables the users to store their bitcoins and perform transactions by making use of bitcoins. The Airbitz wallet offers the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for transactions in bitcoins and the one touch 2 factor authentication methods. However, it is the first wallet to perform bitcoin transaction in Cuba.

Paul Puey, the CEO of this wallet speaks regularly during events which are conducted in the Bitcoin industry. For example, he has given talks in Los Angeles, New Zealand, Australia, San Francisco and Denver. The major theme that he addressed is the advocating of a decentralized future of the digital currencies particularly the bitcoin.

Airbitz Review

The purpose of any Bitcoin Wallet is to enhance the user experience while transaction with cryptocurrency. AirBitz is a popular wallet that can be found online which offers storage services for bitcoin users and it also provides the codes that are required for accessing and receiving bitcoins. It can be downloaded to the mobile devices because it is compatible with the Android and Apple devices. However, the current software is not compatible with desktop computers.

Airbitz is a bitcoin wallet which enables you to sell, buy and store bitcoins securely in your mobile device. However, it provides hierarchical deterministic (HD) and two factor authentication methods. This wallet safeguards the funds of users and transaction data from third parties. It means nobody can get access to your data within Airbitz Wallet.

This wallet was clearly designed by keeping the user experience in mind. However, it also offer QR code scan feature, the wallet also supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for transferring funds. It is really quick to register an account without compromising the essential security features.

Airbitz truly stands apart in the Business Directory, it provides a map of all the businesses near you which accept bitcoin. However, this feature differentiates it from all the other wallets available in the market.

AirBitz homepage

How Much Does It Cost?

It can be downloaded on your mobile device for free. However, the bitcoin transaction fees are calculated by the bitcoin network and they are influenced by factors like congestion and the size of a transaction calculated in bytes of data.

Which Currencies Can I Store?

Airbitz wallet supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as well as it also supports almost more than 140 fiat currency exchange rates.

How To Add Currency In Wallet?

Airbitz has full affiliation with Glidera which is an award winning bitcoin funding source. Glidera will verify your Airbitz wallet account within two business days. However, upon purchase it will normally take four business days for a bitcoin to appear in your Airbitz wallet.

You can also buy bitcoin personally with a local trader and store your token in this wallet. You can check Paxful and Localbitcoins to find a bitcoin trader in your area.

Sending Or Receiving Funds With Airbitz

Once you have setup your Airbitz account, it is quick and easy to send or receive bitcoins in your wallet.

If you want to receive funds, just hit the “Request” button which can be found at the bottom of your screen. After that you can select the wallet where you are willing to deposit your funds. Once you have selected the wallet, click “Next” to get your QR code. This is the code which your sender will need to scan to send you the bitcoin. However, you can also SMS or email your request to a sender.

If you want to send bitcoin, just click the “Send” button which will be found at the top of your wallet to launch your QR code scanner. After that, scan the QR code of the a person whom you want to send bitcoin to, select the amount that you want to transfer and then insert your PIN. Your funds will be sent to a user within a few seconds.

How Secure Is Airbitz?

It offers high levels of privacy, decentralization and security. However, these features combine to make the Airbitz wallet one of the most secure wallets in the market.

The wallet  itself is always backed up, auto-encrypted and it can also function when the server goes down.

AirBitz Wallet

How To Get Airbitz?

Android users can easily download this wallet directly from the Google Play store or from the official website of Airbitz. However, iPhone users can download the app from the iTunes app store. This is a place where you will find the latest version of this wallet.

Next Steps

If you are looking forward to use a bitcoin wallet which offers unique features, Airbitz is an ideal choice for your needs then. However, the app is free to use, it can be a good idea to give it a try before actually sending or receiving bitcoin. You will experience that this app is simple and intuitive.

The experienced users of bitcoin will truly fall in love with the active directory. If you have a habit to pay only with bitcoin, then this feature will be helpful to create the difference.

To get started with this wallet, simple visit Appstore or Google Play to download this app. However, account setup will take you a few minutes.


Airbitz is a user friendly and decentralized wallet which offers amazing security features along with flexible and interactive payment systems. It offers services like Bluetooth payments and QR codes, this wallet is specifically designed with features to make your transactions quick and easy.


This wallet is designed in such a way that it makes usability simpler and even more flexible. Users can easily make use of this wallet while the server is down, in fact this wallet works with the same efficiency even if the server is down.

Multiple Payment Options

The payments options offers by Airbitz Wallet are uncountable. It offers QR codes and Bluetooth money transfer features. However, every advanced and latest technology for fund transfer is allowed in this wallet.

Additional Features

  • The account registration is quick and simple as never before. You can just choose a login and password and you account is created. There are no such issues like printing or encryption.
  • This wallet can be backed up and encrypted automatically. It is very easy to synchronize several devices with a single account and make use of this wallet with flexibility.
  • You can sync multiple wallets with a single name or account.
  • This wallet also provides the feature of auto synchronization with Airbitz directory. The Meta data in order to perform business transaction will be easily filled in an automatic way with the help of this wallet.
  • The transaction data is editable. The user can easily change the notes, value and other details.
  • You can easily track your transaction by searching the name of payee, payment category and much more.
  • It is very easy to search the bitcoin users around you with the help of this wallet.
  • Airbitz supports multiple fiat currencies.
  • It has the simplest User Interface for transferring funds.
  • The wallets are HD wallets which are able to change address with every transaction.
  • The client and Airbitz both will not have access to the data of the users.
  • There is no need to provide detailed user information for using this wallet.
  • It offers integrated system for buying and selling the bitcoins.
  • It has integrated purchasing system for gift cards.

User Interface

User interface means the structure and design of the wallet which makes it easy for the users to understand the functionality. When it comes to the user interface, this wallet stands very strong. However, it is designed in a way that will allow the beginners to use this wallet safely and with ease. This wallet offers some nice features in terms of flexibility and user interface.


The design of Airbitz is very user friendly and strong as well as more flexible. It is also famous as a beginner’s wallet because the interface of this wallet is attractive and not much complicated. However, the user only needs to login and add a password to get an account. The payment tabs and other features of wallet are also simple to use. The design offers effective themes as well as customized designs as well as easy to use widgets.


When it comes to security, this wallet is just as secure as effective as other popular wallets. However, in this case the funds or data both are completely secure as neither the company nor the third party is able to access the data of any user’s account.

  • This wallet offers automatic encryption which will allow hassle free secure and safe transactions for the users.
  • The password used for logging in can be secured via S-Crypt hashing and other powerful encryption methods which ensure that your personal information will not get leaked.
  • It has been developed by making use of Native C or C++ code which is completely strong and reliable.
  • It also offers 2 factor authentication and confirmations of transactions for easy payments.


  • It is highly user friendly, and is an ideal wallet for beginners. However, the payment features and processes are simply easy to use.
  • This wallet is open source and users can contribute in the improvement of this wallet.
  • It is a secure wallet which offers 2 way authentication.
  • Users can get access to the wallet directory.
  • It is an HD wallet and offer decentralized framework where the wallets work perferctly even if the server is down.


  • One of the most important things to consider is compatibility and this wallet misses compatibility with some desktop applications.
  • The brand name is very important to gain the trust of users. Airbitz is not yet established and famous as a brand as compared to the other wallets.
  • The account validation process is long.


As with all wallets for bitcoin, the developers made bugs while designing the software. However, some of the downsides of using Airbitz are:

  • No integrated cold storage
  • Fees for the Blockchain network.
  • It doesn’t support multisig.
  • It has so many features, which sometimes makes it confusing for the users to use this wallet.

The truth is that Airbitz can be an ideal option for both experienced and new users.

How To Learn More

This software is open source for the developers to make their contributions which means you can extend this platform with your own apps. However, in order to get some more deep understanding, you can take a look at the official website to look at the presentations provided by the CEO Paul Puey. However, there is also plenty of information available on the internet and our blog about this wallet and other online and hardware wallets.


If you will compare Airbitz wallet with other online wallets that are available in the market, it is quite secure and easy to use with the most commendable UI and easy to use framework. It offers 2 way authentication method which makes payments even safer. If you are a newbie, this can be the ideal wallet which you can use. If you want an easy to use wallet, this is a free wallet which will make payments more comfortable and exciting for you.



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