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Aidcoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is AidCoin?

AidCoin is the ERC20 token that intends to end up the favored technique to give straightforwardly through the Ethereum blockchain. The AID token self discipline AIDChain, a platform that gives an ecosystem of services through a simple to-use interface, connecting the non-benefit community while allowing full straightforwardness and traceability of gifts. AIDChain’s services include an internal exchange to change over significant cryptographic forms of money into AidCoin, an inherent wallet to store and give effortlessly, a wayfarer to track gifts straightforwardly, devices to associate contributors with every one of the performing artists involved in the non-benefit area and formats of smart contracts to run fundraising efforts.

A striking case of an alt-coin that looks to take care of a noteworthy issue in the public eye is ‘Aidcoin’. Based on a similar technology that powers the high riser ‘Ethereum’, the coin has embarked to make a gouge in the philanthropy business. According to CEO and prime supporter Francesco Nazari Fusetti, Aidcoin was created to bring back trust into the philanthropy industry. According to him, the first issue is the low number of philanthropies that acknowledge cryptographic forms of money like bitcoin and the second issue being the record-breaking low level of trust the overall population has in many foundations.

These are issues that Aidcoin would like to illuminate. Working with more than 100 philanthropies, Aidcoin has built up a distributed ledger framework that guarantees finish trackability everything being equal so they are being used viably.

But that is not all, the yet to be propelled coin has looked for organizations from a portion of the world’s most perceived faces in request to have the required effect. According to their site, they intend to use upon technology, media and big name endoresement. A portion of these individuals are whiz footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, performing artist Eva Longoria, grant winning tennis player Novak Djokovic among others.

They are additionally upheld by CharityStars, a trustworthy philanthropy site that offers closeout of different things and services. They have developed a notoriety to be a reliable site throughout the years and along these lines Aidcoin’s choice to use on this good will is a virtuoso demonstration.

aidcoin homepage


  • Straightforward on chain transactions.
  • Straightforward off chain transactions.
  • Account and personality administration.
  • Correspondences administration.
  • Gifts payment.


Jan 2018

Launching the token crowdsale (ICO) and getting recorded on a best exchange.

Q1 2018

Delivering the first beta of the AIDChain platform including the implicit web wallet.

Q2 2018

Delivering AIDPay, starting to change over from the most well known digital forms of money. Creating insert gadgets for philanthropies to integrate the gift button into their gift pages.

Q3 2018

Releasing the AIDChain second beta, adding “Send and Notify” feature guaranteeing a more grounded Donation Tracking System (DTS).

Q4 2018

Completing the final AIDChain item with a few new features, for example, smart contracts layout and specialized devices for users.

Q1 2019

Delivering AIDGift ERC721 non-fungible token increasing features available in our Donation Tracking System.

Q2 2019

Developing another arrangement of APIs for extra services of the AID network. Delivering first beta of AIDChain mobile app.

aidcoin roadmap

How does AIDCoin work?

It is assessed that an extensive extent of benefactors don’t confide in the magnanimous associations. AIDCoin gives a user-accommodating interface to the associations who need to profit by the blockchain technology to gain the trust of the givers.

The platform has manufactured an exchange called AIDPay for the change of different cryptographic forms of money and famous fiat monetary standards into AIDCoin and the other way around. It has additionally constructed an eWallet to store AIDCoins.

In the wake of converting their digital currencies or fiat cash into AIDCoins, givers can give them to the intended altruistic association. AIDPay additionally gives assess conclusion receipts to the benefactors.

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Investing In AIDCoin Tokens

Investors who wish to invest in the AIDCoin platform can take an interest in the ICO which is going on right now. The ICO token sale started on sixteenth January 2018 and it will end on first February 2018. During the pre-sale stage, the association raised ETH 8333. The ICO acknowledges individuals from countless around the world, but it isn’t available in the United States.

During the ICO, 30% of aggregate token supply will be distributed among people in general. The starting point of the ICO token was 0.001ETH. CharityStars means to raise no less than 10,000 ETH during the AIDCoin ICO. The hard capping for the ICO is set as 30,000 ETH, but the ICO can end early if the funding target is accomplished before.

Early Adoption Benefits

CharityStars plans to use the token internally to make incentives for the first 40,00 bidders.

Spending AIDCoin Tokens

You can give your AIDCoin tokens straightforwardly to the philanthropy accomplices that acknowledge AIDCoins. You can likewise use them to give during the CharityStars barters. During the closeouts, benefactors and magnanimous associations, both get commission rebates. CharityStars offers several sales consistently including sports memorabilia, big name encounters, workmanship, and so forth.

Using The AIDCoin Tokens

Users can either use their tokens for gift or exchange them with alternate digital currencies using the exchange.

Token Reserve Split

60% of tokens are held as hold split.

10% tokens are qualified for the team individuals.

10% tokens are held for the AIDPool.

10% tokens are held for the counselors and the early investors.

27% tokens are assigned to the company.

3% tokens are held for the bounty offers.

aidcoin platform

AIDCoin ICO Team Members

AIDCoin has six team individuals. They include:

Francesco Nazari, CEO and Founder of the ICO.

Vittori Minacori, CTO and Blockchain Developer at AIDCoin.

Domenico Gravagn, Cofounder of the ICO.

Manuella Ravalli, Business Development Manager and Cofounder of the ICO.

Alexandra Ducocq, COO and US Managing Director at AIDCoin.

Robert Robinson, UK Managing Director at AIDCoin.

aidcoin team

AIDCoin Conclusion

AIDCoin is a special platform and most likely the special case that has used the blockchain technology with the end goal of philanthropies. Philanthropies and straightforwardness have a profound association. Benefactors must feel empowered while making gifts and ought not need to stress over their funds getting misused.

Investors can use the platform in an assortment of ways. They can either use the tokens themselves with the end goal of gift or hold them as a long-term investment too. Tokens can be openly exchanged with the fiat cash.

Philanthropies are the one of a kind selling point of the AIDCoin ICO and it has the ability or changes the manner in which how altruism is finished. Blockchain gives the users a chance to track their gifts in real-time with AIDCoins open ledger called AIDChain.

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