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AdEx Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is AdEx?

AdEx is an advertising platform based on the blockchain. The AdEx token sale propelled on Friday, June 30.

The objective of AdEx is to upset the online advertising industry by solving issues like advertising misrepresentation, over the top utilization of advertisement blockers, and privacy concerns. The platform likewise guarantees to introduce an assent based framework where clients can pick in to get supported messages.

AdEx is totally transparent and based over the Ethereum blockchain. It depends on Ethereum smart contracts. Here’s the manner by which the official site explains the platform’s objective:

“We trust we can enable publicists and distributers with a platform that is secure, transparent and valuable for every one of the gatherings involved all the while, shoppers included.”

To bring their project to life, AdEx has banded together with enormous industry names like Bitmain, Wings, Stremio, and the Fintech Blockchain Group. The company is driven by prime supporters Ivo Georgiev and Dimo Stoyanov.

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How Does AdEx Work?

The center feature of AdEx is the AdEx User Profile, which is a customized page that enables each end client to comprehend and control the promotions conveyed to them. By giving the client control, everybody benefits: promoters can get to more information about the client because they have willfully given more information about their inclinations, customer conduct, shopping propensities, and buy inclinations.

The Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, in the mean time, are intended to give transparent reporting to clients and publicists. It gives an unchanging record of the execution of an advertising effort.

The most ideal approach to gain promote insight into how AdEx functions is to take a gander at the issues the platform tries to illuminate.

What Kinds of Problems Does AdEx Solve?

AdEx is seeking to take care of a portion of the fundamental issues of online advertising, including the majority of the following:

Absence of Consumer Consent

Google, Facebook, and other famous advertising networks give clients some control over what advertisements they see. However, this usefulness is constrained. AdEx, then again, gives every client a “client profile”, where they can expel promotions that they’re not interested in. That implies more exact targeting for publicists, a lower open door for botches, and higher change rates.

Privacy Concerns and Data Misuse

Significant advertising networks and exchanges work with enormous measures of unified data that can without much of a stretch be followed back to shoppers’ personalities. Shoppers have no clue how their data is utilized, which introduces online privacy concerns. The blockchain innovation utilized by AdEx makes it simple to anonymize substantial pieces of data, which implies client data can be utilized for measurable purposes, but it won’t be attached to individual clients. Sponsors can even now see important data, but client privacy isn’t sacrificed.

Absence of Bidding Transparency

Continuous bidding platforms offer surprisingly little information about advertising offers. Sponsors are told the greatest offered for a specific promotion property, but they can’t verify this in a transparent manner. Since AdEx is based on the blockchain, publicists can without much of a stretch follow each snap or see and verify every segment of the crusade, including members, promotion arrangements, impression, and snaps. The information is decentralized, which implies it can’t be controlled by incorporated advertisement exchanges.

Advertising Fraud

Misrepresentation is a tremendous issue in the realm of online advertising. Reports put the estimation of online advertising misrepresentation at over $15 billion every year. AdEx has against misrepresentation instruments to follow and forestall extortion and invalidate advertising movement. The company doesn’t broadly expound on how its against misrepresentation measures function, but portrays them as “specialized systems”.

Promotion Blockers and Ad Blindness

615 million gadgets overall client promotion blockers. Clients have become fatigued of promotions that are excessively intrusive and additionally superfluous, so they install advertisement blockers. AdEx tackles this issue by giving clients shrewd, meaningful advertisements that they really need to see.

What’s the Difference Between AdEx and Other Blockchain-based Advertising Platforms?

Clearly, AdEx isn’t the main blockchain innovation seeking to disturb the online advertising industry. We have Brave Software and their Basic Attention Token (BAT), for example, and in addition qChain, adChain, and NASDAQ’s NYIAX.

What’s the difference between AdEx and these contenders? The company specifically address this worry in its whitepaper:

“While all these promotion exchanges originate from solid teams, in all actuality we are on the whole sailing in unfamiliar waters here. This is the reason it is critical to have remarkable understanding of both cryptography and advertisement tech, and to remain as open in conceivable as far as platform and gadget accessibility.”

AdEx differentiates itself by removing limitations. BAT is restricted to the Brave program online. NYIAX is targeting the financial industry. AdEx, then again, is targeting the whole online advertising industry and chips away at all programs.

AdEx: Decentralized Advertising Platform

AdEx (ADX) remains for “advertising exchange.” They’re building a decentralized platform where sponsors and online distributers can meet to arrange advertising contracts. The project likewise includes a client entryway for internet clients to specify what kinds of advertisements they’d jump at the chance to see and deal with their profile protection and data.

The emerging advertising exchange industry is a swarmed field. AdEx is up against other blockchain projects seeking to achieve comparable objectives, for example, Bitclave, Basic Attention Token, qChain, and adChain. AdEx’s remarkable edge is transparency, unlimited access, and no charges for using their administration.

AdEx Features

In any case, AdEx is a generally obscure project. They effectively finished a token sale, but they still can’t seem to dispatch a beta variant of the platform. Along these lines, we should bring a more profound plunge into the advertisement industry, AdEx’s white paper, and the project’s guide to get a clearer picture of what AdEx is about.

The Current Ad Industry

It’s useful to examine the present advertising market, particularly as it identifies with online media, keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend AdEx’s positioning.

In the previous couple of years, online advertising has outperformed TV advertising as far as offer of advertising income. This is a tremendous shift in the advertisement industry. With the decline of conventional telecasters and increase in finished the-top suppliers (OTTs are content suppliers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu), the pattern toward digital appears like it will just continue to develop.

Online advertising presently represents 40% of all advertisement spending.


The advertisement industry is rife with go betweens. In its least complex shape, digital advertising has a mediator like Google Adwords. They utilize bidding to set the price and take an expense for each impression they handle. In more convoluted plans, there might be different go betweens – a distributer’s expedite, a sponsor’s agent, advertisement organizations, and so on.

These go betweens all charge expenses for the straightforward administration of connecting distributers and promoters.


There’s little transparency in the advertising industry. You can’t perceive how Adwords bidding prices are ascertained. Good fortunes getting advertising offices to unveil their pricing privileged insights.

This makes it difficult to review the achievement of an advertising effort. It additionally implies it’s difficult to gauge the nature of inbound leads from different distributers. Frequently, taps on advertisements originate from bots or disingenuous clients for driving income to malignant distributers.

Promotion Blockers and Disinterest

Clients are so assaulted with advertising messages, numerous have installed advertisement blocking program expansions. What’s more, most clients are currently invulnerable to numerous types of advertising. Barely any individuals tap on pennant promotions any longer. Advertisements before recordings get overlooked or skipped.

This is a noteworthy issue for promoters as ROI diminishes for every impression they buy. The new boondocks in compelling advertising is the one spearheaded by any semblance of Facebook and YouTube and other internet based life outlets. They enable promoters to target advertisements in light of statistic criteria and clients’ communicated interests so the advertisements are pertinent and customized to their intended group of onlookers.

adex features

How AdEx Addresses These Problems

AdEx actualizes an answer with three client stories: distributer, publicist, and client. Every one of these stories addresses the difficulties of digital advertising from a different edge.


Distributors are the substance makers, proprietors, or distributors. They possess the sites that clients are visiting. They are the ones who can have ads and get paid for those promotions.

The key is distributors need control over what kinds of advertisements show on their locales. AdEx enables distributors to expand income age from promotions while minimizing the negative effects of advertisements on client encounter.

Adaptation Based on Clicks w/Verification

When running advertisements with AdEx, every impression and tap on the promotion is verified to ensure it’s a legitimate impression. This is terrible for malignant distributors, but it’s useful for the biological system all in all. Since AdEx reviews incoming impressions, dishonestly created snaps will be rebuffed. That drives up the estimation of genuine impressions, helping real distributors profit.

Control Over Ads

AdEx likewise gives distributors control over what advertisements keep running on their locales. The UI of their decentralized application (dApp) enables distributors to divert on and off promotions from different sponsors if they’re miserable with the substance depicted on the site.

The same is likewise valid for publicists who additionally have control about whether their advertisements are kept running on different individual locales. It merits mentioning this isn’t standard in the advertising industry today. As a rule, promotion bundles are packaged alongside an assention. If a distributor or a promoter doesn’t need an advertisement on a given site, they’d need to consult out of the advertising bundle and likely lose different locales/sponsors all the while.

Coordinate Contact with Advertisers

This one is huge for the promotion industry. At the present time, go betweens generally handle all transactions and distributers don’t talk specifically to publicists. AdEx gets rid of the mediators, connecting the gatherings straightforwardly. The outcome is a no-expense framework where distributers can arrange specifically. All advertising costs go specifically to the distributers.


Publicists run their promotions on hundreds or thousands of destinations day by day. AdEx gives them remarkable control over who, where, and when their promotions go.

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ADX Tokens

At the point when publicists pay for a promotion situation, they pay in ADX tokens. To encourage onboarding, however, AdEx will actualize an immediate fiat door. At the point when clients money out their ADX for fiat, the tokens will come back to ADX in a cycle.

This is a noteworthy test for AdEx, both from a strategic and administrative standpoint. Fiat portals require liquidity and consistence. It’s not so much clear yet how AdEx will execute this entryway, regardless of whether it will be restrictive or an outsider. All things considered, this is a central issue check looming over the project.

Group of people Targeting

AdEx guarantees to give an abnormal state of adaptability and gathering of people targeting for its publicists. If fruitful, it could bring higher ROI to the advertising organizations and make AdEx a pioneer in the space. Up until now, however, AdEx has constrained client data to base its targeting off of. Collecting and developing profiles around this data is another significant obstacle for the project.

No Ad Fraud

With impression and snap verification, AdEx wants to lessen or eliminate false movement with respect to vindictive distributors. This is another territory where, if effectively executed, AdEx could bring significant ROI to publicists. Guaranteeing genuine impressions is a noteworthy undertaking. It’s likewise a touch of a weapons contest. As identification techniques show signs of improvement, so will strategies for circumventing location.


The third party AdEx is working for is internet clients. AdEx will actualize an entryway for normal clients to settle on decisions about the advertisements they see. The outcome could be additionally interesting advertising and supported substance that watchers will really need to see (or if nothing else not effectively maintain a strategic distance from).

Ethereum and NEO-based Smart Contracts

AdEx is a decentralized application and ERC-20 currency. Originally based on Ethereum’s blockchain, AdEx is porting over to NEO.

The dApp will have an exchange for bidding on advertising space. It will likewise include messaging channels for transaction and direct interaction between distributors and promoters.

The majority of the agreement administration and transaction will occur off-chain in particular channels. Just the final settlement of the agreement should happen on-chain. This makes AdEx more adaptable as all agreement activities don’t should be recorded on-chain.

Media and Metadata Storage

For capacity of metadata and advertising media documents, AdEx will utilize IPFS. IPFS is a distributed answer for media administration. It will integrate flawlessly with current advertising conveyance channels.

AdEx additionally permits interoperability with existing promotion stockpiling arrangements, so the switching expenses of changing to AdEx remain low.

Notoriety System

The AdEx dApp will likewise execute a notoriety administration framework. Along these lines, clients will have the capacity to rate each other and give criticism about the trustworthiness of different clients. The notoriety framework will take a shot at a points structure with distributers and publicists ready to channel their choices in light of notoriety.

Lamentably, additionally insights about the notoriety framework won’t be accessible until after the dispatch of the beta adaptation.

How to Buy AdEx (ADX)

You can buy AdEx (ADX) on the following exchanges:

Where to Store AdEx (ADX)

ADX tokens are ERC-20 coins, so you can store them wherever you store your Ethereum tokens. MyEtherWallet is a mainstream decision, as are Trezor or Ledger hardware wallets.


AdEx has a difficult, but not impossible task ahead, entering a swarmed industry with aspiring objectives. If effective, the project stands to profit by the huge online advertising industry. However, careful positive thinking is savvy here in front of the dispatch of the beta platform.

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