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ACX Review – Exchange Guide

What Is ACX?

Established in 2016, ACX is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that offers 8 trading sets. Of the 8 sets ACX offers, 5 are against AUD and 3 are against BTC. ACX bolsters an every day volume of 471 BTC/d, making it a medium size exchange. That day by day volume, along with the way that it offers a full API for trading automatically settles on ACX a good decision for any Australian merchants looking for a nearby exchange. Dealers from different nations are urged to consider different exchanges nearer to them for inertness and charge reasons.

ACX is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows dealers to buy and offer bitcoin and a few different digital forms of money. Clients can deposit and withdraw funds using either fiat or digital forms of money, and ACX professes to offer the most liquidity and the most profound request book among Australian crypto exchanges.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and with a territorial office in Melbourne, ACX is organized as a joint initiative among four organizations:

Pinnacle HK Limited, which houses dealers’ interests, the exchange platform itself, the platform’s clients and the clients’ exercises

ACX Tech Pty Ltd, which is ACX’s R&D and development arm

Advanced Custodians Limited, which gives caretaker and escrow services in organization with Perpetual

Blockchain Global Corporate Accelerator (Bitfund Pty Ltd), ACX’s foundation investor

acx homepage

ACX Operational Structure

ACX is an agglomeration of prominent institution from Australia’s crypto space. This exceptional structure brings together tip top minds as the platform wants to completely profit by circumstances arising in the computerized money division.

The part associations include:

ACX Tech Pty. LTD –

This firm manages the research and development. It manages the development of operational protocols and securing of advanced resources on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Advanced Custodians Limited –

This element incidentally holds both virtual and Fiat monetary forms that are available for use within the exchange. Basically, it gives escrow services to the ACX platform.

Pinnacle HK Limited –

This is the corporate institution that obliges the ACX clique, including investors, the exchange and different stakeholders.

Blockchain Global Corporate Accelerator (Bitfund Pty. LTD) – over warning services, this is the key financier of the ACX ecosystem.

ACX Australian Crypto Exchange For Bitcoin Liquidity Features

Guardianship Service –

A significant dominant part of ACX’s data and crypto resources are stored offline in an impervious Cold Storage framework anchored by two-factor confirmation (2FA). This ensures investors significant serenity, as their investments are in safe hands.

Liquidity –

ACX is a worldwide power with a feline abundance of request books fit for handling even the most demanding of solicitations.

Security –

ACX does not trade off with regards to safety efforts. In such manner, the platform consistently refreshes its security infrastructure to meet most recent measures and in addition continuously conducting reviews to identify powerless points already.

Programming interface –

ACX’s API features a shortsighted outline that empowers designers to effectively integrate the exchange into outsider applications without facing similarity issues.

Fees and Limits

ACX charges a level expense of 0.2% on all exchanges for the two creators and takers and does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.

Breaking point shrewd, ACX has a withdrawal cutoff of $10,000 AUD every day for individual accounts and $30,000 AUD every day for corporate accounts. Both account composes have a $100 AUD minimum deposit. For cryptocurrency withdrawals, anything over $50,000 AUD proportional must happen during ACX business hours for security reasons.

acx features


Registering an account on ACX is a straightforward procedure, which begins with providing an email and secret key, and closures with confirming said email, setting up 2FA, and the verification procedure. Note that each of the three final advances are required with a specific end goal to exchange.


Verification on ACX follows ‘typical’ Know Your Customer rules for verification. Meaning that a photo ID with no less than a half year of legitimacy remaining, proof of habitation, and a bank articulation are required for verification. The bank articulation must originate from the bank you will use credit the account. For non-Australian dealers, just a visa can be used to fulfill the ID necessity, while Australian merchants may use their international ID, drivers permit, or proof of age card.


ACX’s interface has a jarring blend of light and dark components, with the landing page switching between the styles in bars as you look down. The trading interface continues this pattern but to a lesser degree. At the highest point of the page is a brilliant white bar with some account information and a place to choose trading sets. Whatever remains of the trading interface has a dark subject with quieted hues for highlights.

Something else, the design of the trading interface is well idea and exploits the full width of your screen. Up front is a couple of diagrams stacked over each other. Specifically, a price graph and a market profundity diagram. What’s more, on either side of the outlines is both a market history list and a present request book, with an individual request book below the match wide one. Exchanges can be input on the left of the page.


ACX offers 2FA in an assortment of courses, of which the suggested is Google Authenticator. Something else, ACX necessitates that all vast crypto exchanges (over $50,000 AUD comparable) happen during business hours.


ACX gets a low rating here because of the little measure of digital forms of money that are as of now offered on their platform. The coins that you can as of now get to include: BTC, BCH, ETH, HSR, FUEL, UBTC, EET.


The ACX platform emits a vibe that it is for fresh out of the box new investors. It doesn’t offer every one of the fancy odds and ends that most other crypto-exchanges offer. It offers candle price graphs, arrange book and the option to put in and drop effectively opened requests. While this is awesome for user encounter, it might be a downside for more experienced crypto-investors.


All things considered, ACX has begun off with a lead in Australia. Contrasted with the other Australian crypto-exchanges, ACX is by a wide margin the pioneer with regards to day by day trading volumes, which is a really positive sign. ACX is likewise becoming super focused because of the way that they charge 0% on coin-to-coin trading which is stupendous. A portion of the downsides include the absence of digital currencies that you approach, and the way that they just let you withdraw into an Australian financial balance.

Deposit Methods

ACX offers wire exchange as a deposit technique, but credit cards are not an allowed deposit strategy. This may obviously be disadvantageous if you would like to use your credit card for any reason. However, as the exchange acknowledges deposit of fiat monetary standards by any stretch of the imagination, it distinguishes itself from a considerable lot of the best crypto exchanges that just allows deposits in digital forms of money.

Trading accounts and conditions

ACX is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that works since 2016. It is claimed by the Hong Kong-based Peak HK Limited. The company likewise works a Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Fund since 2013.

ACX Advantages

One of the expansive Australian bitcoin exchanges by volume. – In the brief time frame since its dispatch in 2016, ACX has figured out how to rank among the biggest Australian exchanges by volume. At the season of writing this review, its 24-hour bitcoin volume was 1,213.3620 BTC (over AUD 12 mln).

Instrument portfolio:

ACX offers trading in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and the generally new alt-coin Hcash (HSR) against the Australian dollar. Bitcoin and Ether are the most mainstream cryptographic forms of money and are in charge of the bigger piece of the cryptocurrency trading volume all around.

Zero trading fees

Most cryptocurrency exchanges charge a trading commission, but not ACX.

1% withdrawal expense

ACX charges a 1% withdrawal expense for fiat money to a financial balance. This, combined with the zero trading commissions, makes ACX very appealing, considering that most exchanges charge both trading commissions and deposit and withdrawal fees, regularly very weighty.

Trading platform

Despite the fact that also to most cryptocurrency exchanges ACX does not offer trading platforms like the ones as a rule given by the forex dealers, with every one of the fancy odds and ends, the platform of ACX has the most essential features. It offers candle price outlines, arrange book and the option to submit and drop officially opened requests.

acx market

ACX Disadvantages

Not controlled

With regards to cryptocurrency exchanges, the absence of control is relative, as most nations have not thought of an administrative framework on the issue yet.

Relatively little cryptocurrency choice

We have recorded the Bitcoin and Ether trading in the favorable circumstances area, but there are Australian exchanges like BTC Markets and Coinspot who have longer alt-coin instrument list.

Does not offer utilized trading in cryptographic forms of money

As a self evident actuality, most cryptocurrency exchanges don’t offer this, but there are some who do, as Kraken, GDAX (institutional), CexIo, Quoinex. There are additionally forex merchants who offer utilized trading on cryptocurrency CFDs.

No obscurity

Despite the fact that most dealers are not disturbed by the client verification prerequisites of the exchanges, the procedure can be slow and bulky. ACX says its KYC method takes 2 business days and requires a considerable measure of records. Additionally, the identification prerequisites oppose the initial motivation behind digital forms of money to give secrecy.

Supports withdrawals to Australian financial balances as it were

This fundamentally implies it is alongside outlandish for customers outside the nation to exchange on ACX.

Accepts just deposits by means of ledgers (from Australian banks)

Bank deposits, not at all like credit/plastic payments, which are relatively instant, take between 1-3 business days to be prepared. There, however, are crypto exchanges who acknowledge card payments. Some additionally acknowledge fiat cash payments by means of online payment frameworks like Paypal.

Withdrawal limits

ACX has day by day withdrawal limits, both for individual and corporate accounts.

For individual accounts: A$10,000, US$10,000 or BTC 100. For business accounts: A$30,000, US$30,000 or BTC 200.

acx app


Apparently ACX has begun truly well and has figured out how to wind up one of the leading Australian cryptocurrency exchanges. It flaunts a worldwide network of request books that gives profound liquidity and to be the biggest Australian cryptocurrency exchange by volume.

Like we effectively noted, it isn’t controlled, but this isn’t completely an issue for cryptocurrency exchanges by and large, as most nations still don’t have specific legitimate framework on the issue. Then again, we see that ACX has strict KYC guidelines and prerequisites and have not run over customer complaints for being ripped off, so the exchange has good notoriety.

Favorable position of ACX are the moderately alluring trading conditions with the 0 trading commission and the settled 1% expense for withdrawal of fiat money to a ledger.

What we don’t care for about ACX is that it just works with Australian ledgers and does not give other deposit and withdrawal options for fiat monetary forms. This is a noteworthy inconvenience and essentially makes it beside incomprehensible for individuals residing outside of Australia to use ACX’s services.

Another detriment of ACX is the generally little determination of digital currencies, contrasted with a portion of its Australian associates.

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