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8th Continent – Next Generation of Digital Economy

The digital world has taken the society to the next level. These days shopping digitally has become very common and popular as well. If you need anything for your daily use, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether it is available online or not. This is the easiest way to shop as you need not move a muscle and the product or services would come to your doorstep. China has been the leader in the digital marketplace. It has many social methods to deal with buying and selling of various goods and services on the digital platform. 8th Continent is a similar platform which was built specifically for China. It is the first ever digital economy in the world and has many goals which would help in equal opportunities and transparency along with mutual benefits and the free flow of market trends. It would take advantage of the blockchain technology and use Ethereum for it.

8th continent review

What is 8th Continent?

8th Continent is the next generation social marketplace where one can purchase digital good and interact with other participants. As per the name of 8th Continent, it aims to focus on future generation as there are only 7 continents in the world. This project is basically developed for China. The best part about 8th Continent is that it has the product and platform ready for launch with all the prior testing done. This means that the final product is ready and that it would not need any further testing. But how did this happen without any prior ICO? Well, the answer is very simple. 8th Continent has a working system which surpassed all the testing phase while doing the pilot which is a success and has been happening over the past couple of years. The team ensured that they made all the changes necessary for the smooth launch of the product before the release of the ICO. The marketplace is set to open on 8th August 2018.

8th continent mission

The Zero-Sum Game Paradigm by 8th Continent

The Zero-sum game paradigm is something which should be overcome by 8th Continent and it is their main goals for the times to come. Let us know a little about the zero-sum game paradigm. The basic idea of this game is that total losses and gains equal to zero. The better elaboration of the game is that for one person to win or make a profit the other person should lose or make a loss. It is a very discouraging environment which makes the users take a step back which leads to lesser participation.

How does 8th Continent work?

8th Continent is a social marketplace which takes liberty in advertising about the zero-sum game and ways to eliminate it from the system. With 8th Continent, you would have a brand sponsor linked to each product available digitally and his name would appear on the product with every view. A small advertising fee is paid by the sponsor each time a product is sold with their name on it. This small fee is divided among users and operators and it keeps on circulating on the platform and is higher than the amount the user invests in it.

Branded Products and their use at 8th Continent

The brand is itself a promotion. If you know a brand then it has a sale value without saying anything about it. This means that the product has already been marketed by some source in the past. If you wish to sell a product which is digital in nature, you may use the non-branded ones so that it can be cheap and readily available. If you choose the branded ones then the likely possibility of them coming cheap can be difficult. You may also become a marketer to sell the digital branded products and earn some extra money from it. It is better to sell goods online as it has a good profit margin as you need not pay for the setup of a physical shop or any other overhead costs.

Advantages of 8th Continent

There are many advantages of 8th Continent as a social marketplace. But this should be known in detail as it would help you in your business ventures and make you gage if this is a good option for you or not. The main flaw of a traditional ad company is that it can cheat the clients with fake ads. You may never know if the ad was created especially for you or not. And when you publish the ad you come to know it was a fake one and was already created for some other purpose. Your money and time get wasted which should not be the case otherwise. But with digital platforms, this digital ad fraud is not at all possible. Companies that seek advertisement help can now confirm if the ad was made for them or not. The content and everything offered can be thoroughly checked. This would give a sense of confidence to the company to create more advertisements. This would give them value for money.

8th continent marketplace

Placement of advertisements is also an important deal for the company. They would not wish to get the advertisement become redundant for any user. When you invest so much money and effort in creating an ad and then promoting it, the response in such a manner is the least expected. You would want your ad to be placed well where it is given the importance it needs. This is available with 8th Continent as you may place it in the natural environment where the user would appreciate it and make use of the ad.

Just creating an ad is not your task. It should be viewed by the right audience is the target of 8th Continent. This can be done by filtering out the branded products from the non-branded ones. You can view all the products at once and find your product can be difficult. The filter option in 8th Continent would help your product to get the right weight it needs. At 8th Continent, the products would be exposed automatically as per the brand name of the company and you need not do anything at all. This way the users and operators would make money with the setup of 8th Continent.

Digital Goods Only?

The question is very simple, will the 8th Continent have digital goods only? The answer is also as simple as it could be, No. Digital goods would surely change the way future looks, but, the integration of real-life goods would also come into the picture in 2019. But in 2018, at a later stage, you would also see the 8th Continent platform come up with the stock exchange of its own. It would work on the smart contracts of blockchain technology. The companies digitally available on the stock exchange would have an opportunity to reach 8th level. This could give them additional liquidity in terms of platform investors directly involved.

Token for 8th Continent

Just like all the cryptocurrency, 8th Continent also has a token. ECB is the name behind 8th Continent tokens. You would need ECB to use the platform and if you wish to trade on it then these tokens are a must. This is the reason the team visions an increase in demand for coins which would proportionately increase the price that was initially set. The supply of tokens would remain the same as the new and existing users of 8th Continent would buy. This is not inclusive of the token dumping.

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Team Behind 8th Continent

The team behind 8th Continent is a great brain and the founder Gregory Harmati has done a phenomenal job in designing and conceptualizing 8th Continent. The other key team members have immense knowledge and experience which would make it possible for all users to use it to the core.

ICO of 8th Continent

The ICO for 8th Continent would start on 18th May and would end on 8th June. The total ECB tokens would be 88 million which is priced at 800 ECB for 1 ETH. As we have mentioned that the users of 8th Continent have started to invest already, a distributive crowd sale would happen on 8th August for such users specifically when the marketplace opens. The final circulating supply of ECB would be 800 million and the price will be the value of ECB on the platform exchanges. The ask is very simple as the marketplace is going to be the strongest platform for business houses to sell their goods and products. This would mean new users joining regularly. This would need ECB tokens for such a registration and you would have them for circulation.

Some Points about 8th Continent

You need to know a lot about blockchain technology which used to happen in the past. But with the advent of technology, there is a lot of change that has happened which should be known. A simple banking transaction would take about 2 to 8 days in general. When the introduction of Bitcoin blockchain happened, the time was reduced to 40 minutes flat. This further reduced to 2 minutes with Ethereum in place. 8th Continent has done wonders to this process with an instant transaction in place. This means the waiting period is completely over. This would get the users to use the facilities of 8th Continent as compared to other platforms. The fees for such transactions is also lower instead of being higher for such a turnaround time. It is at a jaw-breaking 0.8 percent of the transaction value.

Like every platform, 8th Continent also has some rules to be followed for a smooth transaction. It is the least expected by the users when such a setup is being offered at the least available prices. The fund withdrawal has a limit set where only the active users can withdraw the funds. The ask is simple, you need to be active for 88 days in the system with 88 transactions done in your account. Once you clear this criterion, you may withdraw the profits in any form of ECB, CNY or ETH. This is only for the users who wish to withdraw. If you are a user who wishes to keep the funds invested then you may do so using the 8th Continent Equity Investment Trust where every investment cycle is for one year. Post this completion you may withdraw the profits or the funds in total, as per your requirements.

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8th Continent has been the king in making the social marketplace what it is today. It has been a smooth player by testing the pilot batch with all the nuances and clearing them well in advance before the launch of the ICO. This process has been ongoing for the last couple of years. This would help it to function smoothly when it launches in August 2018. It is a hot place to look out for as it would be the first every digital economy in the making. It should have complete focus on the Chinese market as the products would mostly be created for the China users and for the people who are interested in Chinese markets.

The social marketplace does not run on the traditional economies but is a free and independent market which is restricted by demand and supply only and not by anything else as a market ruler. It can be operated from any part of the world and from home or office setup without bearing any nuances. It gives exposure to 100 business activities which are unique and can help the business community in many ways. The interface is very simple and easy to use and transparent in operations. You can access your business round the clock anytime from any device and enjoy global exposure cutting out the time difference of different continents. The reason it is 8th Continent is that the users were very eager to transact immediately post registration without the waiting period. This gave a boost to 8th Continent and the functioning it has today.

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