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XPA Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

XPA is a computerized resource ecosystem that takes the blockchain resource administration to a higher level. It goes for realizing a completely decentralized financial framework where dissimilar to typical cash that is directed by a focal specialist

publish2018-07-15 7:15 pm

Polybius Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Polybius is a project expected to make a managed bank for the computerized age. Polybius is a project as of now in development by Hashcoins which has the goals of being the first historically speaking completely functioning crytocurrency advanced bank, with every one of the utilities of an ordinary bank.

publish2018-07-15 7:13 pm

PayFair Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Payfair(PFR) is a decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions. An escrow in a plan whereby an outsider holds and intercedes payment of funds or goods between two gatherings in a transaction.

publish2018-07-15 5:50 pm

LoMoCoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

LoMoCoin is another computerized money available in a mobile app that has been produced using blockchain technology. According to top company authorities, a billion LMC will be distributed in the following two years.

publish2018-07-15 5:33 pm

LindaCoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

LindaCoin, otherwise called Linda Cryptocoin, is a half breed coin that offers 70% unadulterated PoS block reward stage and 99% APR. Find out how it works today in our LindaCoin review.

publish2018-07-15 4:06 pm

Bee Token Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Bee Token is the cryptocurrency for the Blockchain powered platform, Beenest – a fleeting housing rental platform for Hosts to list their homes and for Guests to find facilities with 0% commissions. It could be considered a Blockchain based Airbnb.

publish2018-07-14 3:58 pm

Live Stars Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

What Is Live Stars? Live Stars is the first platform in the webcam industry that actualizes blockchain arrangements. Live Stars is a fundamentally new platform with different a business model, in view of the automation of procedures.

publish2018-07-14 12:44 pm

Devery Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Devery is an all new 'blockchain powered, open-source platform' that can furnish its users with a propelled 'item verification protocol'. This feature is exceptional, and can be of use for some businesses that exchange vast volumes.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency ExchangeCoinsMargin TradingPayment methodsReviewWebsite
binance247YESCoins OnlyRead Review!Trade NOW!
cryptopia463NOCoins OnlyRead Review!Trade NOW!
hitbtc417NOCoins OnlyRead ReviewTrade NOW!
Coinbase4NODebit/Credit Card, Bank Wire, Paypal, Read ReviewTrade NOW!
exmo44NOCoins, Debit/Credit Card, Bank Wire, Payza, Payeer,
and 5 more....
Read ReviewTrade NOW!
bitmex logo5Leverage up to 1:100BTCRead ReviewTrade NOW! logo226NOCoins OnlyRead ReviewTrade NOW!
bitbay7+NODebit/Credit Card, Bank Wire, CoinsRead Review!Trade NOW!
bitpanda6NODebit/Credit Card, Bank Wire, CoinsRead Review!Trade NOW!
cex.io21Leverage 1:3Debit/Credit Card, Bank Wire, CoinsRead ReviewTrade NOW!
changelly logo100+NODebit/Credit Card, CoinsRead ReviewTrade NOW!
huobi logo250+YESCoins OnlyComming SoonTrade NOW!
bit z logo long100+NOCoins OnlyComming SoonTrade Now
derbit logo longBitcoinYes up to 50xBTCComming Soon Trade Now
bibox logo150+YesCoins OnlyComming SoonTrade Now


Top FOREX Brokers

BrokerMin. DepositMin. TradeLeverageUnited States CitizenReviewWebsite
iq option logo small10$1$1:1000Not AvailableRead ReviewTRADE NOW!
etoro logo50$10$1:400Not AvailableRead Review!TRADE NOW!
xm broker logo5$5$1:500Not AvailableComming SoonTRADE NOW!
tradeo logo250$25$1:200Not AvailableComming SoonTRADE NOW!
24 option logo100$5$1:400Not AvailableComming SoonTRADE NOW!


Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page.

BrokerMin DepositMin. TradeReturnUnited States CitizenReviewWebsite
iq option logo small10$1$up to 92%Not AvailableRead ReviewTRADE NOW!
ayrex 50$5$up to 90%Not AvailableComming Soon TRADE NOW!
expert option logo50$1$up to 96%Not AvailableRead Review!TRADE NOW!
10$1$up to 90%Not AvailableRead Review!TRADE NOW!


Forex is booming in the investment market and almost everyone has or is investing in it. There are many Forex brokerss which act to invest rightly. These brokers have some unique features which help the investors to get as much benefit possible. Now the main revenue of such forex brokers is the transactions investors do. This would mean with every transaction; the brokers would earn a revenue. It is the main source of income and cannot be left at any point in time.

We have loads of options for forex and binary brokers and you may choose one as per your preference. These brokers are reviewed in detail by our experts before it is listed on the website. It is a point of repute for us to list only those brokers who have a clear background and are not involved in any scam. As the cryptocurrency transactions are not governed by the government, it becomes utmost important to know what binary options /forex brokers have in store for us. A careful analysis by our experts on each profile helps our investors to trust us and make a smooth move in the investment gamble.

Apart from our reviews, as an investor, you should look at some of the key points that would help in the future. These points include the services, licenses, fees, and safety of investment you make through such brokers. Each investor has a goal which he/she wishes to fulfill within a time limit. Each broker has a limit which they portray and should be gauged by you so that it does not prove as a roadblock. These brokers also have a minimum limit for the investment which decide the fees structure and it is important for you to know so that you are not charged extra for the investment you plan to make. If an investor has in-depth knowledge about the many brokers, they may also add a review on our website to share their knowledge about the same.

Cryptocurrencies & Tokens

We offer the best professional advice with all your stocks and trade options including coins and cryptocurrencies. We have been in the trade business for decades and hold much valuable information that may help all our users. The recent addition to the investment opportunities is the cryptocurrency. These options are at its peak in the current market and almost everyone is struggling to get as much information over it. We have made it easy for you to get all such information you need related to coins and cryptocurrency. The general practice for such trade is different from what traditional trade follows. You need to know where to buy such coins and how to buy them. There are different exchanges where you can buy such coins and tips on how to store them as well.

We also help our investors with the reviews for all types of coins available in the market. We offer a detailed analysis about the future expectations from such investments. It gives a good insight on the range of investment and the time you should stay invested in. The portal is designed in such a way that you may add reviews about the coins and where to buy details to make it more interactive. Any kind of information is good for use anytime soon. You can make use of different coins for different exchanges. However, there are many coins which can be used in multiple exchange platforms and act as a common source of investment. All such vital information is the key to great investment options. It gives you a cutting edge in making your investment generate revenue for you. Such information is available at ease on the website and you should make good use of it. You would get all the updates about the coins and its uses in the virtual market at one go.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Finally, you have invested in your first cryptocurrency and are ready to do some serious trading. Diversifying your portfolio to get good returns out of your investment is the key role of each investor. Traditional diversification is well known by all and it is time we learn the new way to trade cryptocurrency. The new world of crypto traders is making news in the investment block and you would wish to be a part of it. Time and again there has been news of new and reviving crypto coins being purchased and sold globally. These coins are great for an investor to play around and gain revenue from it. The even better news about such coins is that you can now trade them on various respectable cryptocurrency exchanges to make the most of this opportunity.

There is a long list of cryptocurrency exchanges which can be used for trading. In fact, each one has a different and unique approach and can be used to benefit according to your requirements. You may be comfortable with one of such exchanges and be susceptible to use the other ones. However, this is just a preference which you would wish to follow. Also, for the cryptocurrency exchanges, we support have a review added to it. This would give you an insight into the exchange and the pros and cons to decide before you start using them. To make this more interactive, you may also add a review or comments about the cryptocurrency exchanges, so that the investors would come to know about its benefits and traits.

Any investment should be done only when you know almost everything about it. You would not wish to be into losses. These reviews help you to know if the cryptocurrency exchange is a scam or not. This is the best way to keep all our investors safe in the cryptocurrency environments. So, get into the details about all the top performing cryptocurrency exchanges that we recommend.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency is a boom in the current market and there are many takers for it. But little did they know that cryptocurrency would reach so far in such short time. Cryptocurrency mining is another feather in the cap and you should know almost everything about it. The first ever mining started with Bitcoins as it was the first ever cryptocurrency to be mined. Mining is a huge activity which would take thousands of dollars to setup and the running costs it involves is sky high. So, before you get into it, know the facts and other information well to be safe in all aspects.

In the early days, only few miners were there on the network which made it easy for them to mine cryptocurrency/ But now with the advent of cryptocurrency many new additions have happened and this has raised the number of miners as well. You can make use of the technology and setup your own mining station which would help you earn revenue without much difficulty. However, you should know the secrets of the trade to make a good fortune out of it.  We ensure that you get as much knowledge and information about cryptocurrency from our website.

You can also read through the reviews posted by us on the various cryptocurrency exchanges which can help you to decide how and where to mine. There are many new exchanges open that help in mining cryptocurrency without burdening the setup with huge recurring electricity costs. After all, the major cost expenditure is on electricity only as cryptocurrency mining can consume electricity worth the entire city within the day or more if not used appropriately. This is the reason there have been many alterations to the process where the companies source their own electricity generation through cryptocurrency mining. This would give them an edge to save more on the costs and multiply the profits. You may also add on the reviews to give some more valuable insights and make it a conversational approach.

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Best Forex Brokers

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Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Cloud Mining

Check the best cryptocurrency  cloud mining companies.


Cryptocurrency Wallet

Find the best wallet for your cryptocurrencies. Add your review.


Trading Patterns

We all wish to gain from the investment options such as trading. These trading options include crypto, forex, binary and various traditional methods which have a good cushion to make profits if invested well. The main rule of any trade is to invest when the market is low and exit when it is high for that option. You cannot foresee the future in any possible way. But for investors, there are many tools and trading patterns which can be used to make a fortune. As an investor, you should select the best binary options trading to get maximum profits from any investment. Unless you use the best option available, it would be difficult to capitalize on your investments.

We offer different approaches to the investors which prove to be beneficial to them. Investors with sound knowledge can gauge the best available trading pattern from the long list available with us. There are tutorials also available for each pattern so that you can understand how it works and whether it would be worth the risk. As we all know that numbers do not give a clear picture unless you have an in-depth knowledge of it. This is the reason we ensure that a graph representing the data would be made available so that the trend can help you understand the current situation. This is required at every second while investing.

We have numerous trending patterns which would help you at every step to invest any amount you decide. The tutorials help in all sorts of trending patterns so that you may change the approach if the current one is not helping you to earn profits. All this and much more is available on our website which can help you choose the cryptocurrency wallet and exchanges to use while trading on such options. The options for trading can be forex or crypto depending on your preference. You should research well before using the binary options so that there is no regret at the end.

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Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page.

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